2013-2014 Officers

Back row:Left to right: Travis King, Tyler Colomb, David Regal, Trevor Zimmerman
Front row: Left to right: Emily Olakowski, Julie Rose, Kelsey Sarno and  Erica Baker (club sponsor)


2012-2013 Club Officers


2013-2014 Club Officers

Trevor Zimmerman (Vice-President, Medical Laboratory Sciences) Emily Olakowski (President, Speech Languague Pathalogy & Audiology) David Regal (Vice-President, Speech Languague Pathalogy & Audiology) Julie Rose(Vice President, (F) Public Health)  Alisa Denny (President, Physical Therapy)  Travis King (President, Public Health)  Kelcey Sarno (President, Medical Laboratory Sciences) Tyler Colomb (Vice President (N), Public Health) Jared Pirkle (Vice President, Physical Therapy).   Arah Cho (President, Nursing) Jasmine Doram (Vice President, Nursing)

Club Faculty Sponsor:

Erica Baker (Public Health)

Departmental Faculty Sponsors:

Tim Newkirk (MLS)

Nancy Carter ncarter@andrews.ed/ext.3363 (Nursing)

Greg Almeter  (Physical Therapy)

Brynja Davis (SPLAD)









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