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Course List—2020

General Education courses at a discounted tuition rate! 

Choose from one of the seven remote learning courses to enrich your summer experience. Students can register for up to four credits. 

What to expect with remote learning: Courses designed for face-to-face teaching have been quickly adapted to the online format and will vary in delivery methods. Students should plan on dedicating approximately 5–6 hours per weekday to be involved in the course.


May 4–29, 2020


ENGL 115 001  College Writing I (CRN: 790), Syllabi
ENGL 215 001 College Writing II (CRN: 781)
HIST 110  001 Worldviews, Cultures and Gods (CRN: 956)
MATH 145 001 Math for the (Mis)Information Age (CRN: 890), Syllabi
PHYS 225  001 Sound and Waves (with lab) (CRN: 392)
RELB 210 001 Jesus in His Time & Ours (CRN: 763), Syllabi
RELG 350 001 World Religions (CRN: 1001), Syllabi


  • Students are allowed to register for up to four credits of May Express.
  • Students must be high school graduates in order to register.
  • 2020 May Express tuition is only $190/credit hour!
  • Looking for another course? Check out our full list of summer courses

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