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Course List—2021

General Education courses at a discounted tuition rate! 

Courses are either face to face, or fully remote. Face to face courses will not provide remote accommodations (see below). Main campus students can take a remote course and still live in residence.

Main Campus Students: 

May Express includes free, double occupancy housing for any main campus undergraduate student who live in one of the following residence halls in the spring of semester of 2021: Meyer Hall, Lamson Hall or University Towers. Guest students are not allowed in residence for May Express 2021.

May Express is a single price of $995 for one 3 or 4 credit hour course. Additional credits from other courses will be charged at the regular tuition rate.


May 10–June 4, 2021

Remote Courses:

CHEM 100 001 (CRN: 21) Intro to Chemistry, 4 credits [lab space will be provided to on-campus students]
ENGL 115 001 (CRN: ) College Writing I, 3 credits
ENGL 215 001 (CRN: ) College Writing II, 3 credits
ILGS 400 001 (CRN:  ) Topics in Latin American Literature, Art, Music, and Culture, 3 credits
MATH 145 001 (CRN: 698) Math in a (Mis)Information Age, 3 credits
PHYS 225 001  (CRN: 871) Sounds and Waves, 4 credits
RELB 210 001 (CRN: ) Jesus in His Time and Ours, 3 credits

On-Campus Course:

HIST 110  001 (CRN: 734) Worldviews, Cultures and Gods, 3 credits

Additional Information

  • Students are allowed to register for up to one course at a set tuition cost of $995
  • Students must be high school graduates in order to register.
  • Looking for another course? Check out our full list of summer courses

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