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2023 Course List

Register for one or two 8-week intensives, June 12–August 4, 2023

BIOL 208  Environmental Science, 4 credits, CRN 2197

ENGL 115 College Writing I, 3 credits, CRN 769

ENGL 215 College Writing II, 3 credits, CRNs 771 or 772

HLED 135 Wellbeing 360, 3 credits, CRN 2198 (add $155 supply fee)

HIST 117  Civilizations & Ideas I, 3 credits, CRNs 775 or 776

MLSC 205 Medical Terminology, 1 credit, CRN 2137

MLSC 320 Fundamentals of Immunology, 3 credits, CRN 482

RELB 210  Jesus in His Time and Ours, 3 credits, CRNs 780 or 781

RELG 350  World Religions, 3 credits, CRNs 783 or 784

RELT 225  Doctrines of the Adventist Faith, 3 credits, CRN 786

RELT 440  Spirituality & Ethics in Healthcare, 3 credits, CRN 787 (also available as PBHL 440)

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NOTE! In Registration Central, only interactive online sections with dates June 12–August 4 (with the CRN numbers listed above) are discounted to $206 per credit. A maximum of 2 classes (up to 7 credits) can be registered at this discounted rate; additional sections and classes will be billed at the online tuition rate of $438 per credit. 
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