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Course List - 2016

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June 6-July 29: 8 week courses (unless specified)

Course & Section Number Course Title CRN# Credits Syllabus Dates
ECON 225.999 Principles of Macroeconomics   3   June 6-July 29
ENGL 115.999 College Writing I   3   June 6-July 29
ENGL 215.999 College Writing II   3   June 6-July 29
FDNT 230.999 Nutrition   3   June 6-July 29
HIST 117.999 Civilizations & Ideas I   3   June 6-July 29
PSYC 101.999 Introduction to Psychology   3   June 6-July 29
RELB 210.999 Jesus in His Time and Ours   3   June 6-July 29
RELG 350.999 World Religions   3   June 6-July 29
RELT 225.999 Doctrines of the Adventist Faith   3   June 6-July 29


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Troubleshooting: Email dlit@andrews.edu if you have trouble accessing your course

NOTE: Students must be high school graduates in order to register

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