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Course List - 2019


June 10-August 2, 2019: 8-week courses  Register for up to 7 credits at $185 per credit. Additional credits (not recommended due to load) will be charged $395 per credit. 

3 Credits: Course 

BIOL 208 - Environmental Science - See details

ENGL 215 - College Writing IISee details

HIST 117 - Civilizations & Ideas I See details

HIST 118  - Civilizations & Ideas II See details

MLSC 110 - Medical Terminology - See details

PSYC 101 - Introduction to PsychologySee details

RELB 210 - Jesus in His Time and OursSee details

RELG 350 - World Religions See details

RELT 225 - Doctrines of the Adventist Faith See details

RELT 440 - Fundamental of Spirituality & Ethics in HealthcareSee details



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Students will receive notifications for their courses from an Andrews email address and should access their Andrews University Gmail account regularly while registered. Forwarding often results in loss of important information so it's important to check the Andrews University email directly. 


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