Cardinal Classic

Live Streaming - Championship Game

Tune in below on Saturday night, February 11, at 6:30pm to watch the live streaming championship game.


Scores and Schedule of Tournament Games


Thur. 2/9 AU Court 1 AU Court 2 AA Court 1 AA Court 2
9 am 62-BAT vs. GRS-13 57-sva vs. oaa-37    
10 62-SVA vs. OZK-22 21-grs vs. ie-46    
11 50-DA vs. HVA-38 55-AAA vs. LAA-44    
12 noon 48-HAA vs. SVAS-34 12-aaa vs. caya-43    
1pm 42-AJC vs. MVA-17 49-KC vs. CAYA-52    
2 7-hva vs. ozk-37 28-grs vs. laa-37    
3 42-AAA vs. AJCJV-37 19-ajc vs. mva-26    
4 33-HAAJV vs. RB-16 16-haa vs. sva-60    
5 46-CAYA vs. SVAJV-36 13-hva vs. mcac-37    
6 46-SVAS vs. SVA-51 6-ajcjv vs. caya-35    
7 37-OZK vs. HAA-52 49-AJCJV vs. BAT-33    
8 46-MVA vs. HVA-50 37-ajc vs. haa-13 29-mcac vs. svas-15 36-ie vs. laa-25
9 28-AJC vs. DA-27 24-aaa vs. ajcjv-22 65-LAA vs. GRS-26  
10 46-KC vs. HAAJV-20 52-SVAJV vs. RB-10 34-ozk vs. svas-14  


Fri. 2/10 AU Court 1 AU Court 2 AA Court 1 AA Court 2
8 am 30-OZK vs. SVAS-37 17-haa vs. mva-41 39-AAA vs. BAT-40 15-aaa vs. grs-30
9 44-AJC vs. HVA-18 31-mcac vs. ozk-33 50-CAYA vs. HAAJV-10 43-KC vs. SVAJV-26
10 35-MVA vs. DA-46 28-ajc vs. sva-43 9-hva vs. svas-24 30-ajcjv vs. laa-44
11 50-HAA vs. SVA-45 39-ie vs. caya-37 33-BAT vs. LAA-37 26-AAA vs. GRS-8
12pm 26-HAAJV vs. SVAJV-40 33-MVA vs. SVA-16 55-CAYA vs. RB-30 17-ajc vs. mcac-28
1 58-AJCJV  vs. LAA-25 45-caya vs. grs-20 19-aaa vs. laa-38 38-ie vs. ajcjv-19
2 28-SVAS vs. DA-32 46-sva vs. hva-26 35-KC vs. RB-26 13-haa vs. ozk-31
3pm 37-HAA vs. MVA-44 64-AJCJV vs. GRS-17 55-SVA vs. HVA-61 22-OZK vs. AJC-45


Sat. 2/11 AU Court 1 AA Court 1 AA Court 2 BSHS BSMS LHS 1 LHS 2
6:45 pm 20-ie vs. caya-35 SVAJV  vs. LAA ajcjv vs. grs svas vs. ajc aaa vs. laa RB vs. GRS haa vs. hva
7:45 54-AAA vs. CAYA-36 OZK vs. MVA mcac vs. mva DA vs. SVA AJCJV vs. KC SVAS vs. HVA HAAJV vs. BAT
8:45 24-sva vs. ozk-33            
9:45 50-AJC vs. HAA-37            


AU 1 = Johnson Gym
AU 2 = Johnson Gym
AA 1 = Andrews Academy
AA 2 = Andrews Academy
BSHS = Berrien Springs High school
BSMS = Berrien Springs Middle School
LHS 1 = Lakeshore High School (main gym)
LHS 2 = Lakeshore High School (auxiliary gym)

Boys Division 1-A
HAA-Hinsdale Adventist Academy Hurricanes
OZK-Ozark Adventist Academy Skyhawks
SVA-Shenandoah Valley Academy
SVAS-Spring Valley Academy Stallions

Boys Division 1-B
AJC-Andrews University Jr. Cardinals
HVA-Highland View Academy
MVA-Mount Vernon Academy Eagles
OAA-Oakwood Adventist Academy-Mustangs

Boys Division 2-A
CAYA-Collegedale Adventist Youth in Action Eagles (JV team)
HAAJV-Hinsdale Adventist Academy Hurricanes (JV team)
KC-Kingsway College
RB-The Red Birds
SVAJV-Spring Valley Academy Stallions (JV team)

Boys Division 2-B
AAA-Atlanta Adventist Academy-Twin Cities Campus (Minnesota)
AJCJV-Andrews University Jr. Cardinals (JV team)
BAT-Battlefield Warriors
GRS-Grand Rapids Spartans
LAA-Louisville Adventist Academy Eagles

Girls Division 1-A
ajc-Andrews University Jr. Cardinals
haa-Hinsdale Adventist Academy Hurricanes
mva-Mount Vernon Academy Eagles 
sva-Shenandoah Valley Academy

Girls Division 1-B
hva-Highland View Academy
mcac-Mishawaka Christian Athletic Club
ozk-Ozark Adventist Academy Skyhawks
svas-Spring Valley Academy Lady Stallions

Girls Division 2-A
aaa-Atlanta Adventist Academy-Twin Cities Campus (Minnesota)
ajcjv-Andrews Jr. Cardinals (JV team)
caya-Collegedale Adventist Youth in Action Eagles (JV team)

Girls Division 2-B
grs-Grand Rapids Spartans
ie-Indy Eagles  
laa-Louisville Adventist Academy Eagles

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