Welcome to our Parents & Supporters Website. This site is an easy-to-use information source for parents & supporters of Andrews students. On the site's pages you will find information on academics, campus life, faith development, finances, graduation and more. 

The Parents & Supporters Website will empower you with knowledge on a variety of topics from how to plan a campus visit to understanding how your student can enhance his or her University program. At Andrews our mission is to cultivate students to seek knowledge, affirm faith and change the world. Our multicultural campus is the epitome of twenty-first century learning and experiences as we encourage students to Live Wholly, Explore Intentionally, Learn Deeply, and Engage Globally. Be sure to check out our "Calendars and Events" page to see your student's important dates.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Alyssa F. Palmer, J.D.
Associate Dean for Student Life
Office: 269-471-6684
Email: alyssap@andrews.edu