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A Dual Degree is a formal arrangement between two Andrews University departments or programs that allow credit from certain courses to be applied to both degrees. The dual degree agreement will determine how many credits will be shared between the two degrees and the students must satisfy the GPA requirements and program expectations of both programs. Both degrees are to be awarded at the same graduation ceremony. Call us to learn about the admission requirements for these programs.

Andrews University offers the following Dual Degrees:

  • Community and International Development/Social Work—MSCID/MSW
  • Community and International Development/Youth and Young Adult Ministry—MSCID/MAYYAM
  • Community and International Development/Divinity—MSCID/MDiv
  • Divinity/Communication—MDiv/MA
  • Divinity/Public Health—MDiv/MPH
  • Divinity/Social Work—MDiv/MSW
  • Social Work/Business Administration—MSW/MBA
  • Social Work/Religious Education—MSW/MA
  • Social Work/Youth and Young Adult Ministry—MSW/MAYYAM