We offer lots of options, everything from on-campus courses to plenty of online interactive classes. Before you can officially become a guest student,though,there are a few things you need to do.

Importance Notice: If you are a guest student and eventually become a full-time student with regular admission, you can request that up to 30 undergraduate credits that you took as a guest student be applied toward your proposed degree.  You must have gotten at least a C in any course you wish to be accepted for university credit.

  • Once you log in, the system will show you the “My account” page. 
  • Click on “Applications”, located in menu in the top right corner of “My account” page.
  • Select the type of application you will be completing (guest). 
  • Complete and submit the application.  
  • Once your application is complete, our Admissions team will process your guest application.  
  • Wait for an admission email with instructions and with your ID number.


We want your final steps to be smooth and enjoyable! Each of these five final steps are important to your final preparation to study with us. 

  1. GET CONNECTED. Activate your Andrews username. Learn more by watching the video: How-to Activate username
  2. FIND YOUR COURSE. Find the course registration number (CRN) for your course in the course schedule
  3. REGISTRATION. Go online to Registration Central to register. Under course registration, enter the CRN for each course, or click search to navigate to the course and section preferred. Check to see the course information displayed is correctly. Finally, pay for your course(s), following instructions on the screen.
  4. BOOKS AND MATERIALS. Order textbooks online through the Bookstore or other seller (be careful to match all textbook information, not just ISBN).
  5. STAY CONNECTED. Look for an email with information about accessing your course on your selected start date which will display with the course registration on your iVUE page.


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