Andrews International Transfer Partnership Program

The Andrews International Transfer Partnership Program (AITP)

AITP transfer agreement provides students studying at institutions located outside the USA and accredited by the Adventist Accreditation Association (AAA) with greater access to Andrews University undergraduate programs of study.


All qualified students joining the Andrews International Transfer Partnership (AITP) receive a scholarship of $14,000 per year when they transfer to study full-time on the Berrien Springs campus of Andrews University.

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Explore our undergraduate programs and confirm your choice with your advisor. Once you’ve made your choice, the Affiliations Director will help you to review the Andrews Core Experience guidelines. 

Important Notice: Important Notice: The AITP program is generally designed to offer undergraduate degrees, or areas of degree emphasis, at Andrews University that may not be offered at our partner institutions.

Asia-Pacific International University, Saraburi

Hong Kong Adventist College, Hong Kong SAR China

Advisor, Henry Ya’ang, Registrar

  • Email:

  • WhatsApp

  • To get started, please connect with Mr. Heny in the registrar's office. His office is on the main floor of the Administration Building; you can also contact him by email him here.

Middle East University, Beirut

Pacific Adventist University, Papua New Guinea

Saniku Gakuin College, Japan

Universidad Peruana Unión, Lima

Advisor, Sandra Gutierrez

  • To get started, please connect with Sandra Gutierrez, Affiliations Director, by phone, +511-942-827-564, by WhatsApp, or by email.

  • For unofficial and official transcripts: Please see the UPeU Registrar or Secretaría General in the FACIHED Building (main floor). You can also contact that office by phone: +511-618-6300, by e-mail or on our website

  • For a recommendation letter to the US embassy for your visa interview, You can contact Sandra Gutierrez by email, or please contact the Office of Cooperación Nacional e Internacional on the fourth floor of the Administration building (Rectorado). 

  • For the additional specific steps you'll take at Andrews University to apply, be admitted and enrolled as an Andrews International Transfer Partnership (AITP) student, please review the complete details on this page.

  • Para obtener información adicional en español sobre nuestra asociación internacional, puede leer más aquí.

  • Todas las páginas del sitio web de la Universidad Andrews están configuradas para traducirse a su idioma preferido. Si su navegador no traduce automáticamente una página del sitio web, simplemente busque la opción "Seleccionar idioma" en la parte superior de las páginas y seleccione español.

University of Eastern Africa, Baraton

Advisor, Dr. Dorcas M. Marundu

  • To get started, please connect with Dr. Dorcas M. Marundu, UEAB Quality Assurance Officer, who assists with UEAB Affiliations and Linkages, by email.

  • For unofficial and official transcripts, please see the UEAB registrar in the administration building. You can also contact that office by email.

  • Create an Andrews University account online; for complete details on applying, see Step 2: University Admissions/1: Create an account on the main AITP page.

  • For a recommendation letter to the US embassy for your visa interview, please see the Deputy Chancellor, Student Affairs (DVC-SAS) office in the administration building. You can also contact that office by email.

  • For the additional specific steps you'll take at Andrews University to apply, be admitted and enrolled as an Andrews International Transfer Partnership (AITP) student, please review the complete details on this page.

Valley View University, Ghana


  • Go here to create an account.
  • Complete the contact information section. 
  • Complete the address information section. 
  • Select "Undergraduate" as your level and "Transfer" as your student type.
  • Under the "AITP, Internatational Transfer/Exchange and Country Agreements" section, be sure to select "Yes," and then select your University's name in the pulldown menu below.
  • Create a secure password following the instructions.
  • Click on “Create My Account.”
  • Once you log in, the system will show you the “My account” page. 
  • Click on “Apply Online,” located in the top menu.
  • Select the type of application you will be completing. 
  • Contact the Affiliation Director to receive the current code that will waive your application fee of $30.
  • Complete and submit the application. 
  • After an application is submitted, the “My account” page will show on your application history.
  • Select your application and then click on “Submit Supplemental Items & Documents".
  • Upload all admission documents listed such as test scores, transcripts, etc.
  • Once your application is complete, our admissions team will review all your documents and make an admission decision. 
  • Please Note: Professional programs may require an additional application and admission process to study in those specific degree programs. Those programs may have additional GPA and prerequisite course requirements to be eligible for admission, and our transfer admissions team will confirm those additional details and steps needed to receive full admission into each professional program.
  • After the decision is made, we will send your admission decision letter.
  • Your International Partner Scholarship will be formally confirmed in your I-20 application process.


All admitted students are required to submit official final transcripts after admission decision. An official transcript is an academic record that has been received from an issuing institution or a secure, authenticated designated party. It must bear an institutional validation (such as seal, logo, or watermark), date, and appropriate signature. Transcripts received that do not meet these requirements will not be considered official.

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All international students who attend Andrews University will need to document that they have adequate financial resources to cover at least one year of overall annual costs at Andrews University.

The following are I-20 requirements:

  • Copy of passport and mailing address to send the I-20 form.
  • Estimated Budget sheet showing evidence of financial resources for one academic year.
  • Financial statements showing your ability to cover your first-year expenses.
  • $3,000 International Student Deposit (not required for citizens of Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada or Mexico)
  • $100 non-refundable International Student Fee.
  • $6,000 advance payment for first semester tuition & fees.

Additional details on the I-20 application process can be found here and here.

Ideally, students should plan to complete all of these I-20 requirements at least two months before a semester begins to allow time for review and approval, and to allow time for scheduling of a visa interview once you've received your I-20.

If you have additional questions, please email

Once all the I-20 requirements are submitted the Office of International Student Services will process and mail to you the I-20. 

When you receive your I-20 document, you will be ready to schedule an appointment at the closest U.S. Embassy or Consulate office. Ideally, you’ll want to plan to have your U.S. Embassy/Consulate interview no later than one to two months before the date classes begin.

  • After receiving the I-20 form, please pay your I-901 fee and print a copy of the receipt.
  • Book your embassy appointment and apply for an F1 student visa or other appropriate visa (email for details). 

After your student visa is approved, you are ready to travel to the United States of America!

Please note: All of the final steps you'll need to take before you arrive on campus can be found here

When you enter the United States for the first time as a student, by air or by border crossing, you must present your passport with student visa and your I-20. Please request all documents inspected by customs officers to be returned as they are your property and you are required to show them at each port of entry.

Don't forget to stop by International Student Services office as soon as you arrive at Andrews University as we will need to sign your I-20 and make a copy of your student visa.

Additional details on traveling to the US can be found here.


We want your final steps to be smooth and enjoyable! Follow the Steps to Start. 


Have questions? We have answers. Our staff members are dedicated to helping you find the answers you need.