2022-2023 School Year Costs & International Partner Scholarship

The overall costs for full-time undergraduate students for the 2022-2023 academic year are indicated below.

Qualifying students from Andrews’ international partner campuses and programs will receive a renewable $14,000/year ($7,000/semester) International Partner Scholarship, which replaces the undergraduate Andrews Partnership Scholarship.*

Costs 2022-2023/Semester 2022-2023/Year
Tuition package (12-16 credits)* $15,732 $31,464
Housing $2,662 $5,324
Food $1,957 $3,914
Books/First Day Complete $344 $688
General Fees $635 $1,270
SUB-TOTAL $21,330 $42,660
International Partner Scholarship -$7,000 -$14,000
TOTAL (- scholarship) $14,330 $28,660

PLEASE NOTE: An international deposit of $3,000 is required as part of the I-20 application process. Students must also pay a one-time non-refundable international student fee of $100 and a $6,000 advance payment for first semester tuition & fees expenses before an I-20 can be approved and issued.

The $3,000 deposit is refundable if there are no outstanding additional student fees or charges at the end of the studies at Andrews University. If there are unpaid charges, the deposit will be used to settle those charges, and then the remainder will be refunded to the student (e.g. if there is a $500 unpaid charge, the student would receive $2,500 as a refund).

* NOTE: Students who are US citizens or residents do not qualify for the International Partner Scholarship, but instead may apply for and, if qualified, receive need-based grants from federal, state and Andrews University.

Those students will also qualify for a renewable Transfer Andrews Partner Scholarship based on cumulative GPA:


** Program participants 22 years old and above have the option to live off-campus. Any participant living off-campus is not required to purchase the student meal plan.

*** Students who are not residential students on-campus, and who live in approved off-campus housing, do not have to purchase a meal plan.

Student health insurance is required for all students, and can be purchased through Andrews University. Currently, the cost for this coverage is approximately $1,600/year. The student health insurance requirement is waived for students who show proof of insurance that provides adequate coverage of health care costs for the student while attending Andrews University. Current student insurance costs (as well as overall tuition rates and other fees) are confirmed annually at www.andrews.edu/go/andrewscosts or by contacting stuins@andrews.edu.