Financial Info for Online Students

Studying online? This information is a summary of relevant information from the fuller Student Financial Services. Note that students studying online while living outside the U.S. do not pay the international student deposit or fee. Please check with your financial advisor if unsure whether a financial policy or process applies to studying at a distance.

Tuition varies with level, program, and campus. This table is a convenient reference, showing tuition by online program

Fees apply depending on student choices regarding their academic journey. Scholarships are available from many sources, so apply widely and pay attention to details. 

Students within the United States:
  • Fill in FAFSA (learn more) even if you don't plan to accept loans. You may be eligible for grants - free money.
  • Consider financial aid awarded, as communicated in an award letter. Discuss questions with your financial advisor. Awards can include federal grants and loans, and scholarships. Work with our Veterans Financial Counselor to process military aid. 
  • A payment plan for the balance you owe out of pocket, after all aid and scholarship, must be made to financially clear.
  • Electronic check is the easiest way to pay online; debit or credit card payments are possible with a 2.75% service fee
  • Payment can be made in full or in monthly installments (if completing a degree, with a minimum of 50% paid by the start date).
  • Watch a video tutorial on how to use TouchNet to pay your Andrews account
Students outside of the United States:
  • US federal aid is not available. Online courses are discounted for all, so the Andrews Partnership scholarship does not apply to online study,
  • Research local scholarships, and talk with family, employer, and your local church about sponsoring you.
  • Communicate with your financial advisor first to determine the balance you are personally responsible for, after applying any scholarships
  • Review wire transfer tools (Flywire, TransferMate) and make payments in the format that works best for you.
  • Andrews University degree students registering in January, May, and August can pay 50% of tuition and all fees at the time of registration, with the balance due in three monthly payments. This option will be visible in Registration Central while completing the payment steps. Saving ahead and making payment in full will save on wire fees and worry.
  • Andrews University guest students (including high school students) must pay the total due at the time of registration. 

Read all applicable information through the Student Financial Services webpages before contacting their financial advisor.  Do so early as they are very busy in the week before and after term start dates.  (Find financial advisor contact information here.)

For details on steps to clear, watch our video tutorial on clearing financially.

Financial Aid SSB is your personal financial information page.  Check monthly statements, make payments on account, see the status of clearance for the next semester, holds, and contact information for your financial advisor. 
U.S. residents eligible for federal financial aid may only register into term-based, interactive online (synchronous and asynchronous) classes, usually sections 950 to 999.  Guest are free to enroll in either interactive online or open learning (901) sections, which allow the student to select the start date, any time within the term admitted.