Online Courses

Make friends around the globe as you engage with classmates online! Classwork includes reading, written discussions, group projects and other assignments with weekly deadlines. 


No regular class attendance but some may require project group or individual video conference with teachers:

  • ENGL 115 950 College Writing I [3 credits, Grade 12 only]  
  • HIST 117 950 Civilizations & Ideas I  [3 credits]  
  • PSYC 101 950 Introduction to Psychology [3 credits]   

No regular class attendance but some may require project group or individual video conference with teachers:

  • ANTH 200 950 Cultural Anthropology [3 credits] 
  • ENGL 115 950 College Writing I [3 credits, in Grade 12 only]  
  • ENGL 215 950 College Writing II [3 credits, in Grade 12 only]  
  • MLSC 110 Medical Terminology [1 credit] 
  • PSYC 101 950 Introduction to Psychology [3 credits]  

High schoolers who have earned an A or B in at least one Andrews online class may request permission to take an interactive online 999 section in their senior year. Email including your full name, and the title of the class, for review and approval prior to enrolling.

  1. Yes if you've actively participated in extra-curricular activities while keeping your GPA above 3.0
  2. Yes, if you enjoy reading, writing, and studying independently, and are good at following detailed instructions on your own.
  3. Yes, if you're self-motivated, meet deadlines, and ask for help if needed.
  4. Yes, if you are able to take less high school courses to free up 9 hours per week for every 3-credit college class.
  5. Yes, if after considering all school tours and vacation dates you have a plan to meet all college class deadlines and meeting requirements, if any.

High school students can register for any undergraduate lower division courses approved for high school registrations on-campus or online. Self-paced courses are designed for self-motivated adult students with college experience, so this type of online class is not recommended for high school registrations, and thus not discounted.  After a student's 19th birthday, students still in high school are welcome to continue taking classes at the regular tuition rate.

Please review the minimum technical speclifications necessary to successfully study online. Upgrade any parts of your system that are below these minimums before you register for any online classes.

As courses differ in the demands made on internet, please check that the place you will be studying will have the level of bandwidth and internet site access needed to support your chosen course(s). 

Low bandwidth
Few or no websites
Medium bandwidth
Few websites accessed
High bandwidth
Multiple websites required

Mostly text-based courses
ENGL 115
ENGL 215
MLSC 110

RELT 225

Textbook online interactive materials 
ANTH 200
Include video lectures
HIST 117 & 118
MATH 168 & 191
PSYC 101
RELG 160

IMPORTANT NOTE: Discuss any difficulties accessing course materials with parents and school IT staff as soon as discovered, as there may be firewall or other limitations that need adjusting to be able to complete Andrews University courses.  Tablets are not suitable for all  Andrews University course requirements. 

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