Concurrent Enrollment

Adventist high schools exploring options other than Advanced Placement for gifted students may be interested in a concurrent enrollment agreement. 

School Qualifications

  • Andrews University partners with approved Seventh-day Adventist high schools to offer Andrews courses taught on the high school campus by high school teachers approved as Andrews adjunct faculty. This form of off-campus service is known as concurrent enrollment
  • The qualified high school values and commits to teaching from a Christian worldview, which is in alignment with the Andrews University mission to seek knowledge and affirm faith in order to positively change the world.
  • In addition to offering a fully accredited college preparatory program of study, the high school seeks to provide university-level courses for academic enrichment of advanced students.
  • The course teacher has a Master’s degree preferably, or a minimum of 18 graduate-level semester credits in the course discipline or field of study; teacher payment is the responsibility of the school.
  • Enrollment for dual credit will be limited to students in grades 10-12 with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and school recommendation of readiness for independent, college-level learning. Grades earned are recorded for both high school and university credit. The student cumulative GPA, including all high school and university grades, must be 3.0 or higher to qualify for (re)admission each term.
  • The high school is willing and able to comply with all Andrews University policies and procedures regarding this service. Please contact the PreCollege Coordinator prior to completing the forms, as we will first investigate the cost to you of state authorization to teach Andrews University classes face-to-face on your school's premises. In some states, this is prohibitive.

School Application Process

After checking your school qualifies, email the following items to the PreCollege Coordinator, preferably by April 15 for both Fall and Spring in the following academic year:

  • Complete the Application to Teach Andrews University Courses, including all information and signatures required.  Enter your term start and end dates.
  • Attach a letter from the principal noting how the school meets the criteria and endorsing the application.
  • Attach the proposed high school teacher’s curriculum vita along with copies of all college and university transcripts.
  • Attach the proposed syllabus, clearly aligned to the current Andrews University syllabus for this course.  Contact the department chair and/or faculty listed as instructor on the course schedule, for the latest syllabus. Dialogue reduces the number of revisions in the syllabus approval process.

Applications are screened by the PreCollege Coordinator, reviewed for approval of teacher, curriculum and school by the Department Chair and the School Dean.  Review of classes with equipment necessary to achieve the learning outcomes (e.g. science, art or technology labs) will include a site visit, virtually and/or physically.  

Student Registration Process

  • The high school verifies that the student meets admission criteria and assumes responsibility for the student registration, including collecting payments from parents, and meeting Andrews registration deadlines. 
  • Download the registration form and save. Open with adobe acrobat reader to fill, resave, and attach to email to the school registrar/counselor. When school-approved and signed off, email the form(s) for each student to Complete a separate form for each semester. Students may take one or two courses per semester, including both concurrent and dual enrollment.

Academic Expectations

  • A copy of the current Andrews University course syllabus will be provided to the high school teacher.  The same elements are to be included in the high school syllabus.  The final syllabus must be approved by the Andrews coordinating professor.
  • Textbooks and materials required for the Andrews University course shall also be required for the course taught at the high school.
  • The high school teacher will initiate an orientation conversation with and welcome a site visit from the Andrews coordinating professor. The purpose of a site visit is to review teaching strategies, the learning environment and assessment practice.
  • The high school shall ensure that the library and technology resources available to the student adequately support the college-level course. Andrews University librarians are available to advise regarding free library databases available to schools to enhance the curriculum.
  • The approved high school teacher will submit grades online within 10 days after the last high school term day.  If a course is to be taught over the full high school year, the instructor will be responsible for entering an Incomplete grade when Andrews University Fall semester grades are due.  Emails from Records will notify of grade entry periods.
  • The concurrent enrollment partnership will be reviewed annually; a school (re)application is to be submitted each year. 

Service Support