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Professions and areas of study

Explore in the below section all our undergraduate academic and professional degrees.



At Andrews University we believe in giving choices. We offer nearly 100 academic programs that prepare you to become a World Changer!



Arts & Design Delivery Method
Art—BA On-campus
English— BA  On-campus
Fine Art— BFA On-campus
French— BA On-campus
Graphic Design— BS, BFA On-campus
Languages for International Trade— BA On-campus
Liberal Arts— BA, BS On-campus
Music— BA, BSM On-campus
Music Education— BMus On-campus
Music Performance— BMus On-campus
Photography—AS (Associate) On-campus
Photography— BS, BFA On-campus
Spanish— BA On-campus
Spanish Translation/Interpretation— Certificate On-campus
Visual Arts Education— BS On-campus


Business & Advertising Delivery Method
Accounting—BBA On-campus
Allied Health Administration— BS On-campus
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Business—AS  Online
Business Administration— BS On-campus
Business Administration—BS  Online
Business French— Certificate On-campus
Business Spanish— Certificate On-campus
Communication— BA On-campus
Digital Communication— BS On-campus
Finance—BBA On-campus
Innovation and Entrepreneurship— Certificate On-campus
International Business—BBA On-campus
Management—BBA On-campus
Marketing—BBA On-campus


Pre-Professional Delivery Method
Art Therapy On-campus
Chiropractic On-campus
Cytotechnology  On-campus
Dentistry On-campus
Health Information Management On-campus
Law On-campus
Medicine On-campus
Occupational Therapy On-campus
Optometry On-campus
Pharmacy On-campus
Physical Therapy On-campus
Physician Assistant On-campus
Public History On-campus
Respiratory Care On-campus
Veterinary Medicine On-campus



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Kaitlyn Del Valle

Enrollment Counselor
Recruiter for Freshman students

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Hectmarie Cruz-Peña

Senior Enrollment Counselor for SDE programs
Recruiter for Distance Education students
Pre-college enrollment counselor

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Cassie Morgan

Enrollment Counselor for Transfer programs
Recruiter for Transfer students

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Monica Nudd

Enrollment Counselor for STEM programs
Undergraduate & Graduate recruiter

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Are you unsure about what major you should choose?

A program designed to help students find a desired academic plan, career and life goals through intentional support and personal advising. In the program, each student is assigned an academic advisor who helps guide the student through the first year of study. 

Program benefits:

  • Offers University-wide academic advising.
  • Connects values, goals and expectations to a career and major.
  • Helps to clarify your life calling.

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