Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Our Purpose

We exist to help students, faculty, staff and the surrounding business community ideate, create and launch their new ideas. In short, we help people innovate.

Our three focus areas are:

  • Ideation—Idea Lab
  • Prototyping—Maker Lab
  • Incubation—StartUp Lab

We want to create an interdisciplinary ecosystem and ignite a new spirit of collaboration and empowerment.

Contact Information

  • Main office location:

Art & Design Center 111
8460 E Campus Circle Dr
Berrien Springs MI 49104-0470

  • Email address:

Interdisciplinary Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate (I&E Certificate) is a 15-credit sequence to actively lay a foundation, build a core, shape and polish a student’s capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship through engagement in advanced projects and ancillary coursework.

This program complements any major and can be completed in four to nine semesters. Completion involves a capstone course that is a practical implementation of a project or launch of a business. The program is designed to be of special interest to traditional and non-traditional students who have ambitions for establishing a startup company developing or offering an innovative product, process, ministry, organization or service.

I&E Certificate Courses

Course Name
INEN 221 Introduction to Innovation & Entrepreneurship—Foundations of Play 3
INEN 225 Prototyping and Tinkering 3
INEN 300 Seminar 0
INEN 309 The Implementation Tool Box 3
INEN 455 Advanced Project—The Launch 3
Elective Three credits of electives to be chosen in consultation with and approved by student’s primary I&E advisor 3


Capstone or Senior Design Projects

Undergraduate and graduate students from different disciplines at Andrews University constantly engage in capstone or senior design projects. These projects are led by groups of students, under faculty supervision, as part of coursework for one to four semesters.

Industry-sponsored capstone or senior design projects are coordinated through the Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Contact us at for more information.

On-Campus Internships

The Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship hosts and manages innovation projects that go beyond the scope of a capstone or senior design course. Undergraduate and graduate students participate in these projects as Interns and Fellows. They conduct all of their activities in our campus facilities, including our Idea, Maker and StartUp Labs.

Sponsorship is required for these projects. There is no time length limit for innovation projects. However, the goal is to have a strategy for their exit from our campus labs to a business accelerator, startup or enterprise.

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