Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

Interdisciplinary Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate (I&E Certificate) is a 15-credit sequence to actively lay a foundation, build a core, shape and polish a student’s capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship through engagement in advanced projects and ancillary coursework.

This program complements any major and can be completed in four to nine semesters. Completion involves a capstone course that is a practical implementation of a project or launch of a business. The program is designed to be of special interest to traditional and non-traditional students who have ambitions for establishing a startup company developing or offering an innovative product, process, ministry, organization or service.


I&E Certificate Courses

CRN Course Name Credits
INEN 221  Introduction to Innovation & Entrepreneurship—Foundations of Play 3
INEN 225  Prototyping and Tinkering 3
INEN 300 Seminar 0
INEN 309  The Implementation Tool Box 3
INEN 455  Advanced Project—The Launch 3
Elective  Three credits of electives to be chosen in consultation with and approved by student’s primary I&E advisor 3


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Student Feedback

Avet Badalyan

Avet Badalyan who majors in Data Science decided to participate in the I&E Certificate program in order to supplement his technical degree with entrepreneurial activities. He indicates that this program has helped him with his objective, "the certificate courses gave me access to brilliant instructors from different professions who provided real opportunities to successfully launch an innovative product". During the course of the program, Avet enjoyed the experience of building a real-world product and pitching it to a business community as part of his final project.

Joshua Dulcich

Another graduate, Joshua Dulcich, who majors in Computer Science & Math Studies with minors in Graphic Design & Engineering, saw the I&E Certificate program as an opportunity to bring his ideas into full production. He indicates that the certificate courses have "perfectly catered to filling the gaps in my process of creating: whether part of the design process, manufacturing details, or legal questions I had." The highlight of his education experience in the program was a capstone project he worked on in correlation with the pitch competition where he was able to bring an idea full track into reality.