Parking for Visitors

All University visitors must obtain a parking permit to park on Andrews University property. A guest parking permit is free and available at the Office of Campus Safety during lobby hours, Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m.–3 p.m. and 7 a.m.–noon on Fridays. If you are staying in a campus guest room, you can also obtain a guest parking permit at the front desk during check-in. If your visit is planned in advance, the host department may also send you a guest parking permit by email.

You can view additional parking information by visiting our vehicle registration page.

As a visitor on campus, we also encourage you to temporarily sign up to receive emergency text alerts via our AU Alert system. For more information, please see our AU Alert webpage.

For those not familiar with the University code of conduct, please know that smoking, vaping, or the consumption of alochol is not allowed on University property.


Fishing permits are available at the Office of Campus Safety during regular business hours. There is no charge for a fishing permit. All that is needed is a current Michigan State Fishing License, a current driver's license.  To park your vehicle on property, the vehicle must be registered as well. For information on how to register your vehicle, please visit our vehicle registration page. Please remember that fishing is allowed by permit only.

Fishing is not allowed from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. 


Reservations are required to camp at Beaver Point. Please visit Guest & Convention Services, located at University Towers, or call 269-471-3360 for more information.

Burn Permit

Campfires require prior approval with a completed burn permit. This permit needs to be delivered in person to the Office of Campus Safety during lobby hours. Please call 269-471-3321 for more information.