Lost and Found

The Office of Campus Safety is the central repository for lost and found valuables (electronics, identification cards, other property). If an unattended item is found, an attempt will be made to locate the owner. If we are unable to locate the owner, the location where the property was found will be noted, the property taken to the Office of Campus Safety and an incident report created. Items such as clothes are turned over to the Custodial Office.

Searching for Lost Property

If you have lost property on campus, contact the Office of Campus Safety at 269-471-3321, to determine if your property has been recovered. Provide us with a detailed description of the property and the time frame during which and location on campus where it was presumed lost. If the property matching this description is in our custody, you will be asked to come to our office to identify it in person. If the lost property is not identified by matching the description, we will file a report on your missing property and alert you if a matching property is turned in.

Claiming Lost Property

To claim your property, the claimant must provide proof of identity, e.g. a valid University ID card or government-issued ID such as a driver's license, and must sign the Lost and Found Property Receipt.

Found Property

If you have a found item, please drop it off at the Office of Campus Safety.  Our lobby hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. If afterhours, please contact us by calling our dispatch, 269-471-3321.

Other Locations to Check

Not all found items are turned in to the Office of Campus Safety.  Other areas where lost items may be turned in are: Custodial Services, Departmental Offices, Plant Administration (keys), Campus Center.

Lost or Stolen Andrews ID Card

If you lose your ID card, or suspect that it is stolen, deactivating your card will ensure that it is not used by someone else to access buildings/rooms or used to make purchases on campus. You can deactivate your card by going to the University's ID services page to report a lost/stolen AUID card.

You can also receive a replacement ID in the Administration Building. A fee applies for replacement cards.