Safety Compliance

The Compliance division of the Office of Campus Safety is responsible for mitigating fire and occupational safety hazards through compliance with township, state and federal statutes that regulate occupational and fire safety. This is accomplished through policy adoption, public education and inspections. The campus can also assist in compliance by submitting the appropriate reports or forms.

Campus Safety also partners with Plant Services to maintain compliance for environmental safety.

The Compliance division is staffed by a full-time Compliance Lieutenant and a Compliance Officer who is also a fire-extinguisher technician. Other division officers are also cross-trained in various areas of compliance, including inspections for fire extinguishers, egress and occupational safety.

If you are aware of a compliance or safety issue on campus, please see our contact information.

Policy Adoption

The Campus Safety & Risk Management Committee adopts University policies that cover a myriad of safety related items, including fire and occupational safety. Visit our policy page to view the adopted policies.

University policies are based on adopted township, state and federal statues, as well as best practices. 

Fire Safety:
  • Oronoko Township: International Fire Code (IFC)
  • State of Michigan: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA
Occupational Safety:
  • State of Michigan: Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MI OSHA)
  • Federal: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Public Education

To help mitigate hazards, the Office of Campus Safety conducts public educationt training events to help the campus be aware of hazards, how to prevent them, and how to respond to them. Training is available through:

  • Published safety bulletins
  • Online courses
    • Golf Cart Operator
    • Fire Safety
    • Lockdown
  • In-person training
    • Presentations
    • Live fire extinguisher training

To be enrolled in our online courses, or to request in-person training, please contact us through email:


All of our employees are responsible to conduct campus safety inspections. This is done through scheduled inspections (fire extinguishers, fire alarms), daily walk throughs, and even through security camera footage. Safety hazards are reported to the Compliance Lieutenant and to the affected area supervisor. 

If you are aware of a safety hazard, please contact our office via phone at 269-471-3321.

For more information on regulatory compliance, please visit the statutes section of our Resources page.

For more information on compliance related fines, please see the fine schedule.

Reports & Forms

Recreational Burn Permit - This permit is required to be submitted to Campus Safety for approval no later than two weeks prior to any open burning event on University property. 

Supervisor Accident Report Form (SARF)—This form is to be completed in response to an injury or a near-miss accident that affected an Andrews University employee.

Personal Injury Report Form—This form is to be completed in response to an injury that affected a non-Andrews University employee.