Campus Safety & Risk Management Committee

The Campus Safety & Risk Management Committee is advisory and reviews and approves policies and actions regarding safety and risk management. Major policy decisions by this committee are ratified by Administration.

The committee meets monthly with its membership constituted by position or appointment. If you have safety or risk management concerns, please report them to the committee secretary. If you have questions, concerns or comments on Andrews University safety policies, please contact your representative on the committee.


Chair: Financial Administration Vice President Glenn Meekma
Secretary: Campus Safety Director Ben Panigot



Andrews Academy Principal Jeannie Leiterman
Campus & Student Life Steve Yeagley
Campus Safety Compliance Riccardo Simpson
College of Arts & Sciences (Beh Sci) Harvey Burnett
Faculty Member Bill Wolfer
Faculty Administrator Amy Rosenthal
Financial Administration Valencia Nainggolan
Human Resources Director Darcy De Leon
Plant Administration Director Steve Nash
Residence Life Director Jennifer Burrill
Ruth Murdoch Elementary School Principal Evelyn Savory
School of Nursing Barbara Harrison
SDA Theological Seminary Teresa Reeve
Student Life Ex-Officio Frances Faehner
Transportation Manager Martin Bradfield
University Apartments Director Alfredo Ruiz
University Communications Tony Yang