About the Office of Campus Safety

Our primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of campus through proactive measures such as public education and facility security, as well as respond to incidents, both criminal and non-criminal. To better equip our staff to meet this responsibility, our staff receive training through the Berrien County Sheriff's Department Reserve Academy, Public Area Training Council, FEMA Emergency Management Institute and Red Cross, among other certified training. 

The University has also given Campus Safety the responsibility for ensuring compliance with University safety policies. To view these policies, go here.

Campus Safety seeks to preserve an environment where our diverse social, cultural and academic environments are able to flourish. Any specific emergency needs we may have for fire or police services are provided by our partners in the Berrien Springs Oronoko Township Fire and Police departments. They can be reached by calling 911 during an emergency.

Office Divisions

The Office of Campus Safety is divided into three divisions: Compliance, Dispatch and Patrol.

The Compliance Division works with the University's compliance for both fire and occupational safety. Contact the Division Lieutenant for any compliance related items.

The Dispatch Division is responsible for the coordination of our Patrol Officers with local emergency services as well as the public. They also are responsible for vehicle registration, building schedules, lost & found, and the monitoring of our security systems. Contact the  Division Lieutenant for dispatch related items.

The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to any emergency on campus, requests for assistance, and the securing of University facilities and property. Contact the Division Lieutenant for any patrol related items.

All divisions report to Ben Panigot, the Asst. VP for Campus Safety.

Mission Statement

The mission of Campus Safety is to help maintain a safe and secure environment for the entire campus population. We strive to accomplish this by providing a well-trained and professional workforce who help maintain a safe environment that is conducive to learning and is consistent with the educational goals of this diverse institution.