About the Office of Campus Safety

The Andrews University Office of Campus Safety operates 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. This office conducts security patrols for the campus, which includes the residential buildings, academic buildings and recreational areas. Our employees have received training in areas such as emergency response, first aid, CPR, life safety and fire code.

The University has given Campus Safety the primary responsibilities for code enforcement within University's buildings to help maintain compliancy with both life safety and fire codes.

Campus Safety seeks to preserve an environment where our diverse social, cultural, and academic environments are able to flourish. Any specific emergency needs we may have for fire or police services are provided by our friends in the Berrien Springs Oronoko Township Fire and Police Depts. They can be reached by calling 911 during an emergency.

Mission Statement

The mission of Campus Safety is to help maintain a safe and secure environment for the entire campus population. We strive to accomplish this by providing a well-trained and professional work force who help maintain a safe environment that is conducive to learning and is consistent with the educational goals of this diverse institution.


  • To maintain the highest standards of training for our staff to ensure we can achieve the highest standards of services to our community.
  • To effectively deploy personnel and resources in a way that maximizes visibility and minimizes response time to calls for service.
  • To promote a sustained crime prevention program in partnership with University community.

Departmental Values

  • Professionalism – We will always hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism. We will use our skills, training, and knowledge to serve our community.
  • Integrity – We will hold ourselves to the highest standard of truth. Our word is our honor and our behavior is above reproach.
  • Communication – We will always listen to the needs and the concerns of our community and follow through to make sure those needs and concerns are addressed.
  • Service – We will respond immediately to all calls for service.
  • Respect – We will treat everyone we encounter with respect and dignity.
  • Loyalty – We will always remain loyal to those we serve.
  • Duty – We will do our duty to the best of our ability. The welfare and safety of our students and community members is our top priority.
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