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About AU Alert

To ensure multiple means of emergency communication for our campus, Andrews University uses a third party company, Rave Mobile Safety, to send emergency notification alerts to the campus.

During emergencies, this system will send text messages, emails and voice calls to registered recipients. The system will also post alerts or emergency information to the Andrews University Facebook account and/or the Andrews University Twitter accounts. AU Alert notices are intended only for situations involving imminent danger to health or human safety. These may include severe weather alerts, winter weather class cancellations, hostile threats, utility failure, major road closings or fire, among others.

To receive emergency alert text messages, emails or voice calls, register with AU Alert by clicking on the AU Alert icon.


This link will redirect you to the Rave Mobile Safety website. Enter your Andrews University username and password to sign in and update your contact information.


Alert Messages

While AU Alert can be used to send out any emergency alert, some alerts are pre-defined and require a specific response from campus. The alert messages and the corresponding appropriate responses are listed below.

All Clear
When an “All Clear” alert is sent, the campus may resume regular activities as the emergency is over.

Campus Lockdown
When a “Campus Lockdown” alert is sent, the campus is directed to secure themselves behind the nearest locking door, turn off any lights, close any window blinds, and remain quiet until an "All Clear" alert has been issued.

Shelter In Place
When a “Shelter In Place” alert is sent, the campus is directed to remain indoors, close all doors and windows, and remain sheltered until an "All Clear" alert has been issued.

Tornado Warning
When a “Tornado Warning” alert is sent, the campus is directed to seek shelter by moving to interior hallways or small rooms on the lowest floor. Avoid areas with glass and wide, free span roofs (gymnasium or amphitheater), and remain sheltered until an "All Clear" alert has been issued.


In addition to English, all pre-defined alert messages are currently available in the following languages; Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), French, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Language preferences are available under the user profile on the Rave Mobile Safety website.


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