Andrews University participates in the Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA) program as a member institution. This program gives North American students an opportunity to enhance their ability to use a foreign language and to experience a foreign culture while completing the requirements for a baccalaureate degree in the regular four-year period without losing credits or extending their courses of study.

The Adventist Colleges Abroad program offers a wide variety of courses in composition, phonetics, reading, literature, folklore culture, business, and civilization. Other courses may be taken to fulfill General Education requirements. In addition, students participate in on-site guided field trips of geographic, historic, or economic significance.

Admission Requirements

  • Admission as a student to Andrews University.
  • Competence in the language at the intermediate level is recommended. However, applicants with two to three years of secondary or one year of elementary-level college language study may be admitted.
  • GPA of 2.25 in the language and 2.00 overall. Good citizenship record.
  • Completion of ACA application with all required information and signatures (academic and financial arrangements).

Fulfilling Major/Minor Requirements. Adventist Colleges Abroad students with majors or minors in a language are encouraged to take the required conversation, composition, civilization, and literature courses at the upper division level while studying abroad if their level of proficiency enables them to do so (see major requirements). Upon their return to Andrews University, students must take in residence the following minimum number of credits:

  • For a language major: 12 upper division credits
  • For a language minor: 6 upper division credits

These requirements apply to all students who spend a full school year abroad, including transfer students. Students should take a normal load of 16 credits each quarter or 12 credits per semester. Students also are encouraged to take as many General Education courses as possible.

Adventist Colleges Abroad Summer Program offers students an opportunity to take, during a six-week session, beginning-, intermediate-, or advanced-level courses in the following languages:

Chinese (Mandarin)

Taiwan Adventist College

Centre Universitaire et Pedagogique du Saleve
Collonges-sous-Saleve, France

Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen,
St. Peter am Hart near Braunau Austria

Instituto Adventista Villa Aurora Florence, Italy

Colegio Adventista de Sagunto, Valencia, Spain