Living wholly at Andrews means striving for healthy relationships.  If any part of a relationship becomes unhealthy and is a challenge to your time and growth at Andrews, we want to hear about it so we can help resolve the matter.

Report a Concern

CARE Report
Report your concern of the well-being of others

Report any incidents that create concern, arouse suspicion or violate University policies

Harasment / Discrimination Report
Report any harassment or discrimination based on gender.(sample sentance, Please fix)



Available to campus students, faculty and staff, two ombudspersons are available for an impartial and confidential means of facilitating dialogue between parties on campus and as a means, apart from formal grievance procedures, of resolving differences.   Read more...

Share Your Thoughts

Please provide as much detail as possible to help us know how best to resolve the issue. Also please provide your name in the comment field if you wish to know about the follow-through on this matter.

However, If privacy or confidentiality is an issue, simply leave the name and contact information sections blank to share your concerns anonymously.   Read more...