Welcome Pre-College Students

Committed to partnering locally and globally, Andrews University invites you to find services for preschool, elementary and high school students. Tour your options. Share our Precollege Services flyer. Sign up and enjoy! 

Fall & Spring University Classes  

Dual Enrollment on Campus: Gr 10-12 Dual Enrollment Online: Gr 10-12 Concurrent Enrollment: Gr 10-12

  • Dual enrollment:  A student taking classes at two educational levels is dual enrolled. Both high school students taking undergraduate courses before graduating from high school, and college students adding one or more graduate courses before completing their undergraduate program, are benefiting by dual enrollment opportunities.
  • Dual credit: When a student is granted credit in their current program for classes completed through dual enrollment at a higher level.  For example, when an academy or high school accepts credits for an Andrews University course to fulfill a high school diploma requirement, the student earns both Andrews and academy credit for the same learning, i.e. dual credit.
  • College enrichment:  When an academy or high school allows a student to take an Andrews University class that will not count towards their high school diploma, some schools call this advanced level learning college enrichment.
  • Concurrent enrollment: When Andrews University approves an AU course to be taught on an academy campus by an academy teacher (approved as an AU adjunct faculty), the academy students are considered concurrently enrolled, earning dual credit.  

Campus Workshops & Visits 

SciFest: Gr 9-12 Image & Influence: Gr 9-12 Music Festival: Gr 9-12* Campus Visit: Gr 11-12

Summer Camps & University Classes

Renaissance Kids: Age 5-16 Early College Experience: Gr 11-12

Secondary Articulations

Agri-Science RESA/Cass-Lewis/Van Buren District Agreement AU HS Credit Verification Form


K-12 Schools 

Ruth Murdoch Elementary: Gr K-8 Andrews Academy: Gr 9-12 Griggs International Academy: Gr K-12 online

Childcare, Lessons & Other Services

Crayon Box: ages 0-12 Learn to Swim: all ages Infinite Gymnastics: ages 2.5-17 Speech & Hearing Clinic