Band and Keyboard Music Festival 2017

MARCH 1-4, 2017

To:  Music Teachers, Principals, Conference Superintendents

Your students are invited to participate in this year's Andrews University Band & Keyboard Festival for 9th through 12th grade students.  All rehearsals and concerts will be held in the Howard Performing Arts Center and Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University, March 1-4, 2016.  There is a $50.00 registration fee for each participant (to help defray their meal expenses). There is no registration fee for sponsors.

The festival check-in will be from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 1.  The first required festival appointment for all registrants and sponsors will be 6:45 p.m. in HPAC. The festival will include rehearsals, clinics for each instrument and a recital performed by our Department of Music applied faculty.  The participants will also hear performances by the AU Wind Symphony, Orchestra and University Singers.  The final Band & Keyboard festival concert will be 4:00 p.m., Saturday, March 4 in the Howard Performing Arts Center.

This year's festival will be conducted by the following Andrews University  faculty and guest director:

Band Clinician – Colonel Bryan Shelburne, Retired US Army Band Director, Washington, D.C.
Assistant Band Clinician – Alan Mitchell, Andrews University
Piano – Chi Yong Yun, Andrews University
Organ – Dr. Kenneth Logan, Andrews University


Please submit a Director's nomination form for those students interested in attending this year's Andrews University Band Festival.  In addition to the nomination form, each student must submit a recorded audition (cassette, CD, DVD, wav or mp3).  The audition will consist of the following:

1) A two octave scale of your choice in half notes, ascending and descending.

2) Two short selections of your own choice.  One slow (for expression) and the other fast (for technique), neither selection longer than three lines.  The selections could be an etude, solo, or your band music.

3) For percussionists - a short three-line selection for each of the following areas: snare drum, timpani, and mallets.  If you are proficient in only one or two areas, submit a selection for those areas only.  All percussionists should perform the scale requirements.

4) Auditions must be labeled clearly with the student=s name, instrument, and school.  Students chosen for the festival band will be selected based upon their audition, director’s nomination, instrumentation requirements, and facility capacity (100 players).  If choices have to be made, Senior and Junior students will be given first priority,
It is important that the nomination forms and recorded auditions be returned to Mr. Mitchell by the end of January.  Students must submit an audition tape and be nominated by their director to be considered for the festival. This will enable us in early February to send the festival music to your students and to arrange your housing and meal tickets.  .

1) Band directors - please note on your nomination form if you would like to play in the festival band and on what instrument/part.

2) For your percussionists please indicate a rating for each of the following areas: mallets, snare drum, and timpani.

3)  Please listen to your student=s recorded auditions before you send them.  Check for accuracy, correct scales, etc.

4) Festival Band selected repertoire will be determined by Bryan Shelburne by the end of Thanksgiving break.  When the repertoire is finalized, I will send you the list.

For Piano Registrants

Teachers, please send the names of participating piano students and their repertoire, using the attached Keyboard Festival Nomination Form, to Chi Yong Yun ( by January 15th, 2017.

Along with private and group lessons, and master classes, there will be special lectures and presentations on such topics as health and wellness, developing musical and technical skills; there will also be two recitals and all students will have the chance to participate.  Our goal is to provide students with a comprehensive and diverse musical experience that will serve as a motivating factor to fulfill their potential as pianists.

1) Students, in consultation with your teacher, should prepare the following:

Repertoire - two (2) solo pieces of contrasting styles. The pieces do not have to be memorized, but must be in a performable condition.

Technique – at least five (5) major scales of your choice played in 4 octaves. Also, any other technical exercises that are part of the student’s daily routine.

2) Students wishing to perform in master classes and recitals are encouraged to have their pieces memorized. Also, please indicate your intentions to perform in these events in the school’s nomination form.

3)  Students who have duets prepared should also indicate this on their school’s nomination form.

For Organ Registrants

Interested pianists and organ students will have opportunities to experience the pipe organ in several ways:

1) Through private lessons with Dr. Kenneth Logan.

2) Through an informal master-class with Dr. Logan at the Casavant organ of Pioneer Memorial Church.

3) In a workshop on practical aspects of being an organist: transferring piano skills to the organ, worship-service repertoire, the job market.
4) Through a tour of area organs.

Students should choose either piano or organ as their primary focus in the festival, but piano experiences for organists and organ experiences for pianists will be available.

Teachers, please send the names of participating organ students and their repertoire for lessons/masterclass, along with the names of any pianists who wish to explore the organ during the festival, to Chi Yong Yun by January 15, 2017.


Alan Mitchell, Band Festival Coordinator 
Asst. Prof. of Music   
(269) 471-6340 Office

Chi Yong Yun, Keyboard Festival Coordinator
Asst. Prof. of Music
(269) 471-2879 Office