Music Faculty & Staff


Karin Thompson


Associate Professor of Music (ethno/musicology)

Graduate Music Program Director

Max Keller

Chair, Department of Music

Assistant Professor of Music (composition, theory)

Theory and Composition Area Coordinator

Marcus Carter

Office Manager,
Department of Music
(269) 471-3555                                 


Stephen Zork

Professor of Music (choir, voice)

Conductor, University Singers and Chorale  

Charles Reid

Associate Professor of Music (voice)

Voice Area Coordinator                                       

Chi Yong Yun

Professor of Music (piano)

Keyboard Studies Area Coordinator      


Byron Graves              

Associate Professor of  Music

Music Education Area Coordinator

Wind/Percussion Area Coordinator 

Freshman/Transfer Advisor                                                                                                                       

Carla Trynchuk

Professor of Music (violin, viola,  chamber music)

String Area Coordinator                                                                                                                                                                           

Claudio Gonzalez

Professor Emeritus                                                                                                                                                           


Marc Élysée

Associate Professor of Music

Conductor, Symphony Orchestra         


Lara Turner

Cello Instructor                                        

Edward Randles

Double Bass Instructor                 


Aleksandra Kemble

Flute Instructor             

Gabriel Renteria-Elyea

Oboe Instructor

Jason Gresl

Clarinet Instructor    


Eric Kuehner

Bassoon Instructor      

Debra Inglefield

French Horn Instructor

Charles Steck

Trumpet Instructor  


Alan Mitchell

Low Brass Instructor                  

Professor Emeritus                                                   

Marc Churchill   

Percussion Instructor                                                       

    Denisse Santos

    Wind Symphony Director                                       


Kenneth Logan

Organ Instructor

Minister of Music, Pioneer Memorial Church 

Olena Rybachok

Piano Instructor                                                       

Carlos Flores

Professor Emeritus                                       


Lilliane Doukhan

Professor Emeritus                          

Chris Wild

Cello Instructor                                   

Rose Eide-Altman

Piano Instructor

Adjunct Professor