• January 1: Audition and application deadline for undergraduate Dare to Dream scholarship consideration 
  • April 1: Regular audition and application deadline for ensemble performance scholarships & graduate scholarships


Dare to Dream Scholarship

*Upload audition recordings and documents here*** (if you have trouble uploading, please contact Dr. Graves)

The Dare to Dream Scholarship is a full tuition scholarship awarded to undergraduate students with exceptional ability and/or skills that will significantly impact the Andrews University campus community.



Performance Scholarships

Performance scholarships are available on a selective basis for members of the any of the ensembles. To be eligible for a performance scholarship, students must complete an application process, audition and match the needs of the ensemble(s). Recipients do not have to be a music major to receive this scholarship. This scholarship is not part of the Andrews Partnership Scholarship. The deadline for the application is April 1; however, if you miss this date, you may still apply for any remaining funds. Please send all application materials directly to 

Dr. Byron Graves (Wind Symphony)

Prof. Stephen Zork (University Singers)

Dr. Chris Wild (Symphony Orchestra)

  • To apply:
  • All students interested in music scholarships must complete the
  • Music Scholarship Application Form
  • Music Scholarship Recommendation Form
  • Prospective music majors, minors, and graduate students must complete the process for admission to both Andrews University and the Department of Music
  • Students interested in ensemble performance scholarships should contact the ensemble director for an audition:

Choir: Prof. Stephen Zork
Orchestra: Prof. Chris Wild
Wind symphony: Prof. Byron Graves

  • Graduate Tuition Reduction

o Available to graduate music majors
o Tuition reductions vary from 10%-50%
o To apply:

  • All graduate music students are required to take the Graduate Entrance Exams in Music
  • Students who score well on the exams are eligible for tuition reduction
  • Students may also earn tuition reduction based on GRE scores (not required). Contact the AU School of Graduate Studies for details
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantships & Graduate Scholarships

o Available to graduate music majors
o Assistantships vary up to $5000 per year
o Scholarship amounts vary according to need and availability
o To apply: