Prospective music majors, minors, and graduate students must complete a dual application process. These two application processes may be undertaken simultaneously:

  1. Apply to Andrews University
  2. Apply to the Andrews University Department of Music:

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  • January 31: Audition and application deadline for consideration for the undergraduate Dare to Dream scholarship

  • April 1: Regular audition and application deadline for all undergraduate and graduate applicants applying to begin during the fall semester


  • Each prospective music major, minor, and graduate student must audition for provisional acceptance into the Department of Music. The purpose of the audition is to demonstrate the student’s musical and technical abilities
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to audition on campus
  • Schedule your audition through the Music Office (, or contact your music performance Area Coordinator directly 
  • If you cannot audition in person, a good-quality video recording is accepted (see links above)
  • Area Requirements:
  • All admissions based on the entrance audition are provisional. Final admission will be granted at December juries or at the end of the academic year (April juries). If, by that time the student is not granted admission as music major/minor, he/she will be advised to change majors


Undergraduate Entrance Exams

All new freshman undergraduate music majors and minors must take the Music Elements Exam at the start of their program:

  • The Music Elements Exam is offered the Tuesday before the first day of fall semester.

Graduate Entrance Exams

All new graduate students must take the Graduate Entrance Exams before being accepted into the program. In order to be considered for graduate scholarships, these exams should be completed before April 1.

Start preparing for the Graduate Entrance Exams early. These exams have a significant impact on scholarships, time to completion, and final acceptance into the program:

Graduate Entrance Exam Scores 0%-39% 40%-69% 70%-79% 80%-84% 85%-100%

Student must withdraw from the graduate program

Student must take graduate remedial course(s) Scholarship: 10% tuition reduction Scholarship: 25% tuition reduction Scholarship: 50% tuition reduction
  • Students with keyboard experience are encouraged to prepare for the Piano Proficiency Exam, which is offered the first Friday of the semester. Successful performance on the Piano Proficiency Exam will exempt the student from some or all of the required Piano Proficiency courses. Piano majors/minors are exempt from taking the Piano Proficiency courses