Max Keller

Max Keller

Max Keller

Title: Assistant Professor of Music; Theory and Composition Area Coordinator
Office Location: Hamel 321
Phone: (269) 471-6342


B.S. in Music from Pacific Union College (California)
M.A. in Music from Andrews University (Michigan)
D.M. in Composition and Theory from Mahidol University (Thailand)


Born but not raised in Berrien Springs, Max Keller is an alumnus of Pacific Union College and Andrews University. Since leaving Michigan for the second time in 2009 after completing a masters he traveled across the United States and eventually to Asia while exploring multiple career paths in music including being an: instrument salesman, free-lance trumpet player, online educator, composer/arranger as well as an instructor at nearly every level of music education from private instruction, to elementary, and on through tertiary education.

Dr. Keller’s dissertation The Genesis: A Symphonic Work and Analysis is an orchestral work and musical exegesis of the creation account found in the Book of Genesis. The accompanying analysis was partially published in the June 2017 edition of Catalyst.  

Returning to Berrien Springs once again Dr. Keller is currently the Coordinator of Music Theory and Composition. Outside of his duties at Andrews University Dr. Keller is actively pursuing both acoustic and electronic composition and arrangement projects while also continuing to develop, record, and produce online multimedia music theory lessons.