High School: SciFEST


Comes to You: October 25 - November 7, 2021

High school students are invited to join us for this interactive STEM experience. Design, solve problems, connect with others, and challenge your students by providing them the opportunity to participate in lab activities with teammates. SciFEST 2021 will be online, remote and recommended for Junior and Senior high school students, although any high school student is welcome to attend.

Lab activities for 2021 include: Chemistry, Engineering, Math, Physics, and Sustainable Agriculture.

Earn points by completing each team activity. Our annual on-campus QuizBowl, a game-show like team event, culminates the experience. Prizes will be given to the teams that earn the most points and scholarships to all who complete at least four of the five labs.

STEM teachers are encouraged to register a whole class. Discount for whole class registration.

Cost: $15 per high school student

Registration Deadline is Friday, October 8, 2021.

Individual Registration (Student)

Class Registration (Teachers)


Do you have questions or need further information?

Please contact Monica Nudd, STEM Coordinator, at 269-471-3872 or via email at stemconnect@andrews.edu