Summer Science Courses

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Morning lecture series will include a break for a morning snack (provided).


  • Complete each four-credit science course in one month
  • Fewer distractions
  • More access to professor—optimal student/professor ratio
  • Collaboration and small class size
  • These courses are needed for many pre-professional careers

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May 11-June 5, 2020

Biochemistry I is designed to meet the academic needs of highly motivated university junior or senior students who are preparing to enter medical, dental, pharmacy or graduate school. This course is an effective preparation for pre-professional tests such as the MCAT and DAT, as well as others. The instructor creates an environment that engages students through a variety of learning opportunities.
Prerequisite: Organic Chemistry II



May 4-29, 2020 (General Physics I)

June 1-26, 2020 (General Physics II)

The General Physics I & II courses fulfill the physics requirements for admittance into medical, dental, pharmacy and physical therapy graduate programs. PHSY141 covers the topics of linear and rotational motion, forces, energy, thermodynamics and waves, while PHYS142 focuses on electricity and magnetism, optics and moder physics. Both include lecture, labs and small group problem-solving sessions. PHYS141 fulfills the Andrews University architecture requirement for physics.
Prerequisite: Precalculus, including trigonometry


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