Summer Physics

The dates for Summer Physics in 2024 are:

  • General Physics I: May 6-May 31, 2024
    General Physics II: June 3-June 28, 2024

The early bird tuition rate is $975/credit. You can receive this rate if you complete course registration by April 1. If you complete course registration after April 1, the tuition rate is $1,028/credit. The lab fee this summer is $285 per course, and the general fee is $175. 

Information for guest students

Step 1: Apply

If you are not already enrolled as a student at Andrews University, you must first apply to Andrews University as a guest student. Registration for summer 2024 courses begins on February 5. If you have applied as a guest student and been accepted by February 5, you will be ready to register for the course(s) on February 5.

Step 2: Arrange for a prerequisite override

Once you've been accepted as a guest student, arrange for a prerequisite override.

Note that any one of the following fulfill the prerequisite requirement for General Physics:

  • Math Placement Exam score ≥4
  • ACT Math ≥24
  • SAT Math ≥570
  • MATH 167 Precalculus Trigonometry or MATH 168 Precalculus (or an equivalent)

Send an email to Brendan Cross, the professor of PHYS 141 General Physics I and PHYS 142 General Physics II. Include your AU ID number and information on which prequisite you meet, and he can enter a prerequisite override so that your registration can be completed.

Step 3: Register

Once the prerequisite override has been granted, you will be able to register.


I'm exploring residence hall housing options during Summer Physics. How much does it cost to stay on campus? Who should I contact?
For current information on summer semester housing costs and arrangements, contact Ana Agustina De La Cruz, Housing Coordinator for Residence Life.

How do I arrange to pay for meals? How much can I expect to spend?
Meal plans are not required of students during the summer semester. Therefore, how much you spend depends on how frequently you eat on campus.

During the summer semester, Terrace Café is open for lunch 11:30-13:30. It is not open for breakfast or supper. The summer hours for Gazebo, our other campus dining option, are M-R 08:00-18:00 and F 08:00-16:00. General Physics lectures begin at 8, so students who wish to eat before 8 will have to plan. As part of our intensive, we offer refreshments during a mid-morning break. This cost is included in the lab fee.

Students can open a Café Account through Registration Central and deposit any amount of funds there. They can then use their ID cards to pay for their meals. Funds can be added to their Café Account at any time. If necessary, you may also add funds to your Café Account by calling Dining Services (269-471-3093) during office hours (summer 10:00-16:00 Monday–Thursday and 10:00-12:00 on Fridays).

Can I work or take another class concurrently?
It is not recommended. We know you want to learn well, and each day in this intensive is roughly equivalent to a week in a regular semester.

Is there class/lab/SGL on Memorial Day and Juneteenth?
No. Memorial Day and Juneteenth are national and Summer Physics holidays.

Can I take the final a day or two early? I have a wedding/summer camp job/other important thing that conflicts with the last week of the class.
It might be possible to take the final exam on the last Thursday afternoon of class instead of Friday morning. It would not be possible to take it any earlier than that because there would be class/lab/etc that would be missed.  The professor advises against taking the final on Thursday afternoon because that will significantly decrease the amount of time for studying and will likely decrease the final exam grade.

Summer Physics in 2025

The tentative dates for Summer Physics in 2025 are:

  • General Physics I: May 5-May 30, 2025
  • General Physics II: June 2-June 27, 2025