What is Registration Central?

At Andrews University, registration is done online and Registration Central is our online portal for all registration activity. Each semester you will need to sign up for the classes that you wish to take and then you will need to make financial arrangements or "Financial Clearance" for those classes and all other related semester expenses.

How does Registration Central work?

When you login to Registration Central you will see several (3-7) boxes that represent the different registration steps. As you complete each step a checkmark will be displayed. Since each box will assist in calculating your expenses, complete all the other boxes before moving on to the Financial Plan.

  •     Biographical Data Confirmation-Verify your address and SSN/Tax ID information.
  •     Enroll in Classes-Enroll before attempting financial clearance. An invoice will be sent to your AU email.
  •     Housing-Options displayed will be based on your eligibility.
  •     Dining Options-Options displayed will be based on your eligibility.
  •     Bookstore-defaults to First Day Complete for Main Campus students. Students may opt-out.
  •     Student Insurance-Purchase student insurance or submit a waiver. Waivers subject to confirmation.
  •     Financial Plan-Review your Financial Aid offer before proceeding. All requirements should be completed.

    Accept the Responsibility Statement  to receive financial clearance or  enroll in a payment plan.

What is a Financial Plan?

A Financial Plan is the plan you make to cover your semester's expenses. Once you have confirmed that your financial aid is complete, click on the Financial Plan step and accept the AU Responsiblity Statement. If your expenses are covered, your Financial Plan will be satisfied and a check mark will appear.

If your expenses are not completely covered, your Financial Plan box will be empty and you will be taken to the Student Account Center in TouchNet® to enroll in a Payment Plan and make a payment (minimum down payment will be at least 50% of the estimated out-of-pocket costs).  After you accept the TouchNet® Terms & Conditions, you will be able to view the costs for the semester, your accepted financial aid, as well as your current student account balance. To get clearance, you will need to click on the Payment Plan tab located at the top of your screen; enroll in a Payment Plan and make a payment. You will be able to set up automatic payments or to assume responsibilty for making these payments on your own. Once your payment is made, your Financial Plan step will be satisfied and a check mark will appear.

What if I don't set up a Payment Plan before paying?

If you make a payment before enrolling in a Payment Plan, TouchNet® will ask for another 50% payment. To get cleared without making an additional payment, you will have to contact your Financial Advisor and request that they enroll you in a Payment Plan. This could delay your clearance, so be sure to click on Payment Plan before you make your down payment.

Making Changes?

Once you have financially cleared, making changes to any of your Registration Central steps could impact the status of your financial clearance. For example, increasing the number of credits you're taking or your bookstore account could mean more expenses. If your current financial arrangements are not sufficient to cover these new expenses, you could lose your financial clearance. If you do make changes, be sure to look for that green check mark next to your Financial Plan!

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