Educational Allowance

Students whose parents are denominationally employed may qualify for educational subsidy.  As each employer and their employee benefits differ and may change from year to year, we recommend contacting your parents’ employer for full benefit details.  Once you know what sort of subsidy you qualify for, here’s how to proceed: 

Andrews University Employees

Be sure that your parents have filled out the Tuition Assistance Form as well as any other necessary forms with the Office of Human Resources. The forms and complete benefit information are located on the HR website.

►If you are requesting educational allowance only and you are NOT filing the FAFSA, pay special attention to Section 3A of the Financial Information Sheet.

►If you are requesting educational allowance and you ARE filing the FAFSA, pay special attention to Section 3B of the Financial Information Sheet.

► If your parent is an ordained minister AND you are filing a FAFSA, you must submit a copy of the prior year Worker's/W-2 Detail Report (see example here) or an official statement from Payroll/Treasury Department listing the amount of Parsonage Exclusion and Taxable Educational Allowance received for the entire household in the year prior to the start of classes.

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Non-Andrews Employees

Please contact your parents’ employers to be sure of your subsidy details and that all necessary forms have been completed and submitted to the appropriate offices. Be sure that you have completely filled out the correct part of Section 3 of the Andrews University Financial Information Sheet. (See above.) This will let us include your subsidy as part of your financial aid offer and it will show up in your Registration Central Financial Plan and help you with your financial clearance. 

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Sponsored students

A copy of your sponsorship contract or a letter from your organization detailing the terms of your sponsorship should be submitted to Assistant Director, Fares Magesa. Your sponsorship will then be listed in your financial aid offer and Registration Central. Fares will bill your organization after Add/Drop.