STEM Division

STEM enables students not only to thrive in the professional STEM community but to contribute to their church community as well. Reflecting the incredible diversity at Andrews University, STEM has students and professors from many different national backgrounds, races, genders, and perspectives. Our departments effectively integrates the scholastic resources and practices of larger state universities into an environment that fosters spiritual development.

As we look forward to growth and improvement, the experience of our students remains paramount. Providing undergraduate research opportunities, access to the latest lab equipment, and collaborative learning space provides a holistic learning environment that activates an excitement for discovery. 

Research Opportunities

Andrews University's STEM division offers undergraduate students opportunities to participate in various research projects. Click Biology Research or Engineering Research for examples of what our students have done! An application by a current student should be submitted to the department chair.  Contact your department's administrative assistant for more information on your program. 


Highschool Students! Don't miss the opportunity to connect with us at the highly-anticipated SciFEST. Find out more here

News & Events

Science Sabbath

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Science Sabbath

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Science Sabbath

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