STEM Division

The STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) Division in the College of Arts & Sciences is comprised of the Departments of Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Engineering & Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics.

STEM enables students not only to thrive in the professional STEM community but to contribute to their church community as well. STEM majors reflect the diversity present at Andrews University, breaking stereotypes about women and minorities in STEM fields. STEM also offers a unique experience for students, integrating the scholastic resources and practices of larger state universities with an environment that fosters spiritual development.

In order to serve students further, the STEM Division looks to societal and church trends to project the needs of STEM fields. An increase in STEM enrollment and retention will work towards the goal set by the 2012 President’s Council of Advisors on Science & Technology, which states that American universities need to produce an extra one million college graduates in STEM fields.

As STEM looks forward to growth and improvement, the experience of the student is paramount. Increasing numbers, upgrading lab equipment, and improving learning space are all steps to the ultimate goal of providing a holistic learning environment that activates an excitement for discovery. 

We are a STEM Jobs Approved College. The STEM Jobs Approved Colleges list is compiled by Victory Media and is the first of its kind to rate universities, colleges, community colleges and trade schools on their responsiveness and relevance to high demand, high growth STEM occupations.




   Chemistry & Biochemistry

   Engineering & Computer Science



Research Opportunities

Andrews University's STEM division offers undergrads opportunities to participate in various research projects. An application by a current student must be submitted to the department chair. For further information, please contact the department administrtaive assistant. Click Biology research or Engineering & Computer Science research for examples.

STEM Events

SciFEST: an annual event hosted on campus for highschool students.

Further Information

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