"My experience with the Mathematics program here at Andrews was immensely positive. . . . I never felt belittled or neglected by anyone in the department. The faculty helped feed my desire for knowledge and opened my mind to new mathematics and new ways of thinking. For example, learning proofs indirectly helped to develop my rhetorical critical-thinking skills. The math classes I took here at Andrews opened my eyes to a new world of things I can do or accomplish by simply using my head, and I truly feel like the sky is the limit. So as I move on to the next stages in my life, I am excited because I feel prepared, not because I feel I have accumulated sufficient knowledge for success, but because I am prepared to learn new things and solve new problems no one has faced before."--Recent mathematics graduate

Mission Statement

Through teaching, research, and service, the Andrews University Department of Mathematics seeks to provide leadership by

  • Preparing a diverse student body with the mathematical understanding, problem-solving skills, and dispositions that enable career excellence;
  • Increasing mathematical and scientific knowledge through publication and presentation and engaging undergraduates in research;
  • Supporting the broader mathematics education community and mentoring others for generous service through a committed Christian life.

97% of our graduates since 2011 are employed or in graduate school 

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