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"My experience with the Mathematics program here at Andrews was immensely positive. . .   I never felt belittled or neglected by anyone in the department. The faculty helped feed my desire for knowledge and opened my mind to new mathematics and new ways of thinking. For example, learning proofs indirectly helped to develop my rhetorical critical-thinking skills. The math classes I took here at Andrews opened my eyes to a new world of things I can do or accomplish by simply using my head, and I truly feel like the sky is the limit. So as I move on to the next stages in my life, I am excited because I feel prepared, not because I feel I have accumulated sufficient knowledge for success, but because I am prepared to learn new things and solve new problems no one has faced before." -Recent mathematics graduate

Why Study Math at Andrews?

Highly Ranked & Connected

Andrews University has been recognized as the #1 private college in Michigan by Niche and is the only Adventist University recognized as a national university by US News and World Report. Our weekly colloquium series also features industry experts and faculty from other universities, connecting you with career options and the larger mathematical community.

Our department is distinguished by offering a wide variety of courses and meaningful research opprotunities within a close-knit, diverse, faith-affirming community.

Every year our mathematics and data science graduates are hired by top companies, accepted into fully-funded PhD programs, and excel in a variety of competative careers.

Undergraduate Programs

Enables students to choose an emphasis in preparation for graduate study, applied mathematics, or  secondary school mathematics education.

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Available only as a second major for those taking a degree in another field who cannot fit the full Mathemathics B.S.

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A minor in mathematics will communicate to others your interest and abilities in logical thought, persistence, attention to detail, and problem-solving.

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Featured Alumni

Noe Reyes

Noe ('23) is a doctoral student in the applied mathematics PhD program at Brown University. Undergraduate research and advanced courses prepared him for grad school. 

Daniel Arn

Daniel ('22) is a software engineer at Google working on Google Cloud. He earned degrees in both math and computer science, helping him stand out in the interviews.

MinSeo Kang

MinSeo ('23) is a med student at Loma Linda University. The math degree combines well with premed classes, preparing students to score well on the MCAT.

Dillon Walter

Dillon ('23) is an acturial analyst for an insurance company. He earned the math degree with a business minor, then served as a student missionary in Kenya before graduating.

Meet Our Faculty

Lynelle Weldon, PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department Chair

Research Interests: Cohomology of graded associative and Lie algebras; mathematics education

Anthony Bosman, PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests: Knot theory, low-dimensional topology

Joon Hyuk Kang, PhD

Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests: Nonlinear elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations

Yun Myung Oh, PhD

Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests: Riemannian geometry, submanifold theory


Our faculty have been recognized for their teaching excellence and are active in research in several mathematical disciplines, regularly presenting at regional and national conferences. All of our faculty are involved in mentoring students, often co-authoring papers with them. More than that, our faculty are invested in our students' personal and spiritual development.

Mission Statement

Through teaching, research, and service, the Andrews University Department of Mathematics seeks to provide leadership by

  • Preparing a diverse student body with the mathematical understanding, problem-solving skills, and dispositions that enable career excellence;
  • Increasing mathematical and scientific knowledge through publication and presentation and engaging undergraduates in research;
  • Supporting the broader mathematics education community and mentoring others for generous service through a committed Christian life.