STEM Division
Nethery Hall 135
4141 Administration Dr
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September 21–24, 2023

High school students are invited to join us for this on-campus STEM experience. Students will design, solve problems, connect with others, and be challenged. This weekend opportunity is recommended for junior and senior high school students, although any high school student is welcome, including homeschooled students.

Students will be placed in small groups to complete STEM lab challenges. Worship with us and experience life on campus. Earn points by completing each team activity. Our QuizBowl game show culminates the event.  Prizes will be given to the teams that earn the most points and scholarships to all who participate. Lab activities include: Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, Physics and Sustainable Agriculture.

STEM teachers are encouraged to register a whole team or two of students (3-5 students per team).

Cost: $95 per high school student, includes three night stay, eight meals, materials and resources created by Andrews Professors.
$30 per adult chaperone/teacher
Daily participants, who do not wish to stay on-campus may receive a discount.

Registration Deadline: August 31, 2023

 Team Registration (Teachers)

Individual Registration (Students)


Do you have questions or need further information?

Please contact the STEM Coordinator at 269-471-3872 or via email at

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