English Workshop - Online

February 21 (Monday) - March 6 (Sunday), 2022

High school students are invited to join us for this remote yet interactive English experience. Learn about the nuances of communication, flex your creativity, connect with others, and be challenged by participating in skills-building activities with teammates. Earn points by completing each activity. Team members are encouraged to connect with each other and work together prior to submitting their final entries/projects. Prizes will be given to the teams that earn the most points.

Communicating Effectively in a Fast-Changing World

Here are the activities planned, and the skills that will be learned:

Day 1

Activity: Designing a Team Name
Skill: Teamwork

Day 2

Activity: Crafting a Slogan
Skill: Appealing to an Audience

Day 3

Activity: Creating a Comic
Skill: Visual Storytelling and Adaptation

Day 4

Activity: Short Story Contest
Skill: Creative Writing

Day 5

Activity: Figures of Speech
Skill: Analyzing the Language Used in the Bible

Day 6

Activity: Rhetorically Speaking
Skill: Analyzing the Language Used around You

Additionally: Talk with a Professor and English Majors on one of the days at 7 p.m. Date TBA.

Sunday, March 6, 2022 at 8pm (EST)
Live Zoom - Awards Ceremony

Registration Deadline is Monday, February 7, 2022

Individual Registration ($15 per student)

Whole Class Registration  (for teachers, $25 per class)

Do you have questions or need further information?
Please contact the Andrews University Department of English at english@andrews.edu.