ENGL 497: Writing Internship

One of the most important ways to get “real world” experience and to enhance your employability is by completing an internship while in college.  The English department is pleased to offer English majors, as well as students pursuing a minor in writing, the opportunity to earn academic credit through ENGL 497: Writing Internship.
Among other benefits, a writing internship will give you the chance to gain specialized experience and to develop practical and career-related writing skills within a professional setting.  Successful completion of a writing internship will enhance your profile for future employment, especially in careers requiring professional writing.


The Internship Coordinator will submit final grades for all students registered in ENGL 497: Writing Internship by the end of the term for which students are registered. Letter grades will be based on completing the requirements above and on the quality of the student’s work—both in meeting the internship responsibilities and in the completion of assignments required for ENGL 497.


Course Description:

Students intern 45 clock hours per hour of credit in a writing-related and approved field. Procedures and guidelines available from department. Open to English majors and students seeking a writing minor.

Prereqs: ENGL 115 or ENGL 117, ENGL 215, and either ENGL 220 or ENGL 315.


Internship Coordinator:  Ivan Davis
Office Location: Nethery Hall 107
E-mail: ivan@andrews.edu
Phone: (269) 471-3698

Setting Up An Internship:

Locating and arranging for an internship position is the responsibility of the student.  Please contact the Internship Coordinator for helpful resources and a list of potential internship sites.
Once an internship position is located, the student must complete the Writing Internship Application.  The application must be signed by the proposed internship onsite supervisor and then submitted to the Internship Coordinator.
The internship application is due at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the term during which the internship will begin.
Upon submission of the internship application, and following successful review of the application by the Internship Coordinator and the English department writing committee, the student will be allowed to register for ENGL 497.


For grade evaluation purposes, students must complete the number of internship hours required for the academic credit(s) for which they have registered (45 internship hours = 1 academic credit hour). 
In addition, the following must be completed:
Pre-Internship Organizational Meeting
The Internship Coordinator will review internship guidelines, procedures, onsite professionalism, grading, etc.
Completion of Internship Hours Log (onsite supervisor signature required)
Hours Log must be submitted at midpoint and at conclusion of the internship.
Mid-Internship Report (submitted via email or as a hard copy)
Student will report on internship activities thus far, on progress made in meeting “learning outcomes” for the internship (as indicated on internship application), and on the skills and competencies they are gaining.
Mid-Internship Evaluation (completed by onsite supervisor)
Onsite supervisor will complete evaluation form and submit via email to Internship Coordinator

Internship Final Evaluation (completed by onsite supervisor)
Onsite supervisor will complete evaluation form and submit via email to Internship Coordinator

Internship Exit Interview (completed in person or via video conference w/ Internship Coordinator)
Student will schedule Exit Interview with Internship Coordinator to review the internship experience, the achievement of “learning outcomes” (as indicated on internship application) and the skills and competencies gained during the internship experience.

Must occur within 60 days of conclusion of internship
Internship Portfolio (comprised of written work produced/contributed to/edited during internship)
Student must collect a substantial portion of representative work to which they contributed during the internship
- Examples of common writing tasks performed as part of internship
- Examples of the range of writing tasks completed as part of internship
- Examples of intern’s best written work completed as part of internship
Electronic portfolio strongly recommended
Internship Reflection Paper
Student must complete a 1500 – 1800 word reflective paper, examining their internship experience, their writing responsibilities, proposed learning outcomes, the rhetorical considerations that shaped their writing for the internship, and the extent to which the internship contributed to a greater understanding of professional writing genres and the communities these genres serve.