Our Graduates...

Are tremendous individuals doing great things and becoming world changers in their particular spheres of influence. Get to know a little bit about them as you browse our "Graduates" pages.

And if you are one of them, we think of you often and would like to know what you are up to these days. Send us a short blurb, and we'll add it to your profile here.



Our Current Seniors (2023)

Lily Burke: BA English (Literature); BS Behavioral Sciences (Anthropology); BA Spanish (Language, Literature & Culture)

Emily Butchma: English Minor; BSW Social Work

Caryn Cruz: BA English (Literature)

Irina Gagiu: English Minor; BS Psychology (Pre-professional)

Alexander Hess: BA English (Literature)

Shannon Huang: BA English (Writing); BS Informatics

Yoel Kim: English Minor; BS Physics; BS Mathematical Studies

Isabella Koh: BA English (Literature)

Ho Ting Lau: BA English (English Education)

Kamila Oster: BA English (Writing)

Darling Ramirez: BA English (Writing); BA Spanish (Language, Literature & Culture)

Natalie Simon: BA English (English Education); BS Secondary Education

Terika Williams: BA English (Literature); BA Spanish (Translation & Interpretation)