How to Register

Students in Grades 10 to 12 with a 3.0 or higher GPA and school approval can register for Andrews University classes by following these steps.  

  1. In the first term within a school year, usually Fall, (re)apply online
  2. If this is your first application, click Create Account.  If you have applied previously, click Log In and enter your username created last year (you can reset the password if you forgot - this is not your Andrews username).
  3. Once logged in to the application system, click Begin an Application. Then fill in an application. Choose undergraduate as level, and student type high school guest.
  4. Follow directions. Your entry will be saved if you need to leave and log in later.
  5. Once the application is complete, re-enter to upload supplemental items in the first semester you register each year, usually Fall.  Home schoolers can upload the registration form here along with  any transcripts or test scores.
  6. Watch for an email within 2-3 business days confirming registration or asking for missing information. 
  7. Follow directions to activate your Andrews username and email and, if paying directly, make payment before the first day of class.

For more detailed help, watch this video tutorial on how to apply and register.

Print and complete  the registration form. Use the free adobe acrobat reader to fill in all fields, then resave, and attach to an email to your school counselor (or upload into your application if homeschooled).

If you are registering for courses with prerequisite math scores or homeschooled, scan and save a copy of most recent standardized test scores to upload into the application.

  • Scores must be at or above the 50th percentile for admission
  • Math scores above specific minimums fulfill prerequisites for each math course.
  • Students without standardized test scores may take the Math Placement Exam.  See Purchase aleks review software here to prepare then set an appointment to take the Math Placement Exam. Set an appointment here. You will take the exam using the aleks software through online proctoring. For this you'll need a computer with good internet, audio and video.  

Here are the signatures needed, and why each is important:

  • Student signature is required, and initials through the student agreement section.
  • Parent signature is required when students are younger than 18 years, and recommended on all forms.
  • A school registrar signature verifies that the student meets the minimum required GPA of 3.0, has consulted with his/her school counselor, and is deemed ready to succeed in college level learning
  • A financial responsibility signature confirms who will be paying. Registration forms cannot be processed until either the parent or school signs that they will pay.

On the fillable form, student and parent type in name and save before sending to school, where the school's completion of the form emailed directly on to verifies their approval.

Homeschoolers: upload the form as a supplemental item into the application, in the first term you apply in each school year.

School counselors: attach the approved and completed form (which the student and parents digitally completed and emailed to you) to an email to  

The student will receive an email confirming registration, copied to the parent and school emails provided in the application. If further actions are needed to complete the registration, these will be emailed as well. The message will include the student's Andrews identification number, how to activate his or her Andrews University username (which is the email handle too), and how to purchase textbooks.

Students, here's where college begins: you must read for detail, and check your Andrews email every day you study.

If you chose to pay Andrews University directly, click here to pay online.  Read the TouchNet Payment Options, then login, student, with your parent sharing payment information using the payment preferred.

If your school accepted billing, pay your part (if any) to your school.  Even if you are paying through the school, it is your responsibility to check your Andrews statement mailed to the address entered in the application process.  Third party billing begins in the 2nd month of a term, so you can ignore the first bill. As only tuition and registration fee are billed, any additional fees will be yours to pay directly.  As transcripts are held until bills are paid, check and pay by the end of the term.

While payment is due by the first day of class; enroll before school is out in Spring for the next Fall and and Spring to secure a place in the class you really want. Registrations will be dropped if payment in full (or third party billing) is not in place by the term drop/add date (consult the Academic Calendar in this year's Bulletin for the specific date, usually 10 days after the start date).

How to Apply & Register Video Tutorial