What Does My MPE Score Mean?

MPE Equivalency and Course Placement

This chart shows the SAT/ACT Math and the ALEKS PPL scores with their equivalent MPE scores and the scores needed as prerequisites for various Andrews University courses.




AU Courses by
MPE Prerequisite Score

400-510 <20 0-45 <P2

MATH 091 Arithmetic and Algebra Review 
(Developmental Math)

520-530 20-21 46-60 P2

MATH 145 Mathematics for the (Mis)Information Age
MATH 165 College Algebra
MATH 166 College Algebra for Business
PHYS 110 Astronomy
PHYS 225 Sound and Waves
STAT 285 Introduction to Applied Statistics

540-560 22-23 61-75 P3

CHEM 131 General Chemistry
MATH 168 Precalculus

570-590 24-25 ** P4

PHYS 141 General Physics

600-800 ≥ 26 76-100 P5 MATH 191 Calculus I
MATH 195 Calculus I for Biology

**By special request and review only: P4 from the ALEKS PPL will be a score of at least 70 with at least 16 out of the 29 trig topics.

MPE Scoring

The letter score indicates arithmetic level:

P = proficient in arithmetic (no deficiency)

M, E = arithmetic deficiency

The number score indicates algebra level:

0-1 = deficient in algebra

2-5 = proficient in algebra.

Eligibility for CLEP Testing

Students who score P4 or P5 may be able to fulfill their General Education math requirement by taking the CLEP test in College Algebra and receiving credit for either MATH 145, 165, or 166.

Students who score P5 can take the CLEP test for Precalculus and receive credit for MATH 168.

Students may make arrangements for taking a CLEP test at the Counseling and Testing Center in Bell Hall.

NOTE: Students may NOT take a CLEP exam for credit during their last semester before graduation.