Andrews University now gives its Math Placement Exam through ALEKS PPL. For $20 you will have online access to take a placement exam and work in a learning module to refresh your skills. You can work up to a year in the learning module and utilize five assessment exams (including the initial one), a couple of which you may choose to use as self-assessments if you choose.

To have an official MPE score recorded, you can arrange to take a proctored placement exam  within your same account (a proctoring fee will apply).

To get started, go to, click on Sign Up Now! and enter the 2024 course code CNAJX-6PEDE. CAUTION: Please be careful to use only the calculator provided within ALEKS while preparing and taking the placement assessment.

For more information, including guidance on which learning module to choose, see this summary document.  

For even more details, see the ALEKS PPL guide.

To interpret your ALEKS PPL Score, see the table below:

ALEKS PPL Score MPE Score Courses Available
0-29 E0 MATH 091
30-45 P0 MATH 091
46-60 P2

MATH 145
MATH 165
MATH 166
STAT 285

61-75 P3 MATH 168
76-100 P5 MATH 191
MATH 195