Scheduling a Math Placement Exam

Directions for students wishing to schedule the MPE:

  1.  Purchase access to the ALEKS PPL System.
  2.  Take the initial assessment.
  3. Use the review module and practice assessments until ready for the exam.
  4. When you have completed the review, sign up for a proctored exam:
    a. If admitted to the main campus, email to choose an available date or work out a date with an available proctor.
    b. If admitted to the online campus, schedule an appointment through the Online Testing Center’s calendar.
  5. Use the Zoom link  your proctor will provide to join the testing site. (The proctor will send you detailed instructions for setting up your testing area.)

Note: Current Andrews students should have their Andrews ID card with them to show the proctor before taking the exam.  Guests or future students should show a photo ID. 

Proctoring fee: $23