Consortium of Adventist Colleges and Universities

Become a Student

Fill a gap to graduate sooner. Take graduate program prerequisites. Fulfill continuing education requirements. Enrich your life and ministry.

A wide range of undergraduate courses are offered through Andrews University, Oakwood University, and Washington Adventist University. Each Consortium partner is regionally accredited.  However, the decision to accept an institution’s academic credits is at the sole discretion of the receiving institution. The student is responsible for checking courses will be accepted prior to registering. 

Tuition and fees are reduced.  While financial aid is not available through the university providing the course, discuss a Consortium financial agreement with your university or college's financial advisor.

All courses are available online:

  • Scan the Consortium catalog to view all courses, how to enroll and costs.
  • Complete this form to enroll in Washington Adventist or Oakwood University classes.
  • Apply online to enroll in Andrews University classes. Select guest as your status if not an Andrews degree student.

Registration questions? Email or call (269) 471-6323.

Become a Partner

Benefits to Students:

  • Affordable. Flexible. Online.
  • Reflects Adventist Christian worldview and faith integrated learning
  • Credits transfer easily as all partners are regionally accredited.

Benefits to Institutions:

  • Share course development, maintenance, and tuition agreement
  • Expand course options to serve more students
  • Provide schedule solutions and gap-filling sections

Consortium Services:

  • Central enrollments and student services
  • Coordinated course development
  • Support adjunct faculty to ensure quality online learning experience

Partner Responsibilities:

  • Approve courses and adjunct faculty who teach the shared courses
  • Keep academic records and provide transcripts to students
  • Market the Consortium to faculty and students
Email to begin a conversation about joining to save and grow your Adventist higher education service!