Questions, Concerns, Reports

The University encourages complainants and witnesses to report any violations of the Sexual Misconduct, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking Policy to an appropriate University official. Reports are what give the University the opportunity to investigate and address any violations; they also provide the University with an opportunity to ensure that appropriate care and resources are provided for both the victim or complainant and the accused. At the same time, before a complainant reveals information (name of the accused, details, etc.), they should understand that only professional counselors, pastors and chaplains are able to retain confidentiality, and all other faculty and staff are required to notify the designated University officials.

Designated University Officials
Frances Faehner, vice president for Campus & Student Life, is the Title IX Coordinator for Andrews University (269-471-2679).

Inquiries and sex-based complaints including sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking should be referred to designated University officials as follows:

Reports Regarding Students  
Title IX Deputy Coordinator for students, 
Alyssa Palmer, associate dean for Student Life
Student Life deans 269-471-3215
Residence hall deans Lamson: 269-471-3446
Meier:  269-471-3390
UT: 269-471-3360
Office of Campus Safety 269-471-3321
Reports Regarding Faculty or Staff  
Title IX Deputy Coordinator for faculty or staff,
Ethan Jones
Office of Human Resources 269-471-3302
Office of Campus Safety 269-471-3321

Local Law Enforcement
Sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking may also be criminal. Complainants may wish to inform local law enforcement agencies; upon a complainant’s request, the University will assist in making the connection between a complainant and an appropriate law enforcement agency. In Berrien Springs, the local police department can be reached at 269-471-2813. In an emergency, call 911. Complainants also have the right to decline to make a formal report to law enforcement and campus authorities.