Questions, Concerns, Reports


A person who reasonably believes that Sexual Harassment (including Sexual Assault, Quid Pro Quo Harassment, Hostile Environment Harassment, Relationship Violence, Stalking, and Sexual Exploitation) may have occurred can file either a report or a formal complaint. Anyone can file a “report,” but a “formal complaint” can be filed only by the alleged victim (called the complainant).

The University’s response will differ depending on whether a report or formal complaint is filed. Filing a “report” will trigger a University response that includes an initial assessment and offers of supportive and remedial measures. Filing a “formal complaint” will trigger this same response, but, in addition, it may also trigger the University’s Title IX resolution process, which may involve an investigation and hearing.

File a Report

Andrews University encourages University students, employees, and third parties to report violations of the Title IX Policy to a designated University official using the online Incident Reporting Form below. Reports may be filed by alleged complainants or any other person who reasonably believes Sexual Harassment may have occurred.


What to expect when filing an Incident Report:

  • Incident Reports are what give the University the opportunity to investigate and address any violations; they also provide the University with an opportunity to ensure that appropriate care and resources are provided for both the complainant and the accused (called the respondent). At the same time, before a complainant reveals information (name of the respondent, details, etc.), they should understand that only professional counselors, pastors and chaplains are able to retain confidentiality, and all other faculty and staff are required to notify the designated University officials.

File a Formal Complaint

Andrews University encourages complainants of Sexual Harassment to file a Title IX Formal Complaint. A Title IX Formal Complaint can only be filed by the person alleged to be the complainant of Sexual Harassment. If you are not the complainant but would like to report an incident of Sexual Harassment, please complete the “Incident Reporting Form” above.


What to expect when filing a Title IX Sexual Harassment Formal Complaint:

  • Upon receipt of a Formal Complaint, the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator will contact the Complainant with information on available resources. The Title IX Office will conduct an initial inquiry into the Formal Complaint’s allegations to determine whether the allegations are sufficient to proceed to an investigation. The Title IX Office will dismiss a Formal Complaint that lacks allegations that are eligible to proceed under Title IX. In the event of a dismissal of the Formal Complaint, the Title IX Office will provide written notice of the dismissal to both parties, advising them of their right to appeal. If one or more of the allegations in the Formal Complaint survives the initial assessment, the Title IX office will contact the parties to notify them about those allegation(s) that are eligible to proceed to a Title IX resolution.

Reporting to Local Law Enforcement

Sexual Harassment, relationship violence and stalking may also be criminal. Complainants may wish to inform local law enforcement agencies; upon a complainant’s request, the University will assist in making the connection between a complainant and an appropriate law enforcement agency. In Berrien Springs, the local police department can be reached at 269-471-2813. In an emergency, call 911. Complainants also have the right to decline to make a formal report to law enforcement and campus authorities.

Contact the Title IX Office

Alyssa Palmer, J.D.
Title IX Coordinator
Office Location: Campus Center, Main Floor
Phone: (269) 471-6684

Ethan Jones, J.D.
Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Faculty & Staff
Office Location: Administration Building, 3rd Floor
Phone: (269) 471-6515