Whether interested in a master's, major, minor or a certificate, we offer what you need.  Our language programs combine classroom studies, in-the-field experience, research and a language internship to prepare you to be the best language master possible. View our degrees and course descriptions for more information.

To better enhance your experience here at Andrews we also offer the following:

Departmental Tours
We offer two exciting study tours: Europe and South America. Each tour is equivalent to six credits that count towards majors and minors.

The South American tour may be taken only as Spanish credits; the European tour can be taken as French (FREN360 is required) and Spanish credits. A total of 6 credits are offered in each study tour. All courses included in the tour are taught in the target language. Andrews University policies apply to the tour. 

Language Clubs
The Department of International Language and Global Studies sponsors two language clubs. The purpose is to promote cultural, academic, social and spiritual activities. "Adelante" is the Spanish club and is the AU Francophone Association (AUFA) is the French club. Both clubs require membership fees.

Language Honor Society
The local Beta Kappa chapter of Alpha Mu Gamma, the national collegiate honor society for foreign languages, gives recognition to outstanding students.

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