Associate of Arts in Christian Discipleship

The AA in Christian Discipleship is designed to provide a foundational biblical knowledge for lay leaders and Bible workers committed to servingtheir local church. This degree also completes half of theBA Religion requirements.
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  • Program Type: Associate Degree
  • Duration of Program: 62 Credits
  • Delivery Format:
    • Self-spaced learning
    • Interactive online
  • Program Entry: August, January or May
  • Application Deadline: Admission accepted all year-round


Students who complete this program should be able to:

  • Explain and apply principles of Christian faith to their personal life and ministry.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the global mission, beliefs, and heritage of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • Address issues of faith within the framework of a Seventh-day Adventist community.
  • Engage in research and effectively communicate findings in contextually appropriate ways.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to nurturing community through regular worship and participation in a local.


Transfer credits accepted from accredited Adventist institutions. 15 Andrews credits minimum.

  • RELB 210 Jesus in His Time and Ours
  • RELB 335 Acts and Epistles I
  • RELB 274 Prophetic Writings of the Old Testament
  • RELH 400 SDA History and Prophetic Heritage
  • RELT 115 Intro to Christian Discipleship
  • RELT 225 Doctrines of the Adventist Faith
  • RELT 315 Christian Discipleship
  • RELT 340 Religion & Ethics in Modern Society
  • RELB 304/5 Studies in Daniel OR Studies in Revelation


  • Complete the online application form. Students without documentation and living in the United States are welcome to apply.
  • Official transcripts from high school, college or GED certificate with an average GPA of 2.5 in high school. ACT / SAT scores are required if the high school was completed in the United States
  • Official certificates from all colleges and / or universities you have studied.
  • A 500 word statement of purpose explaining how this program will benefit you and your ministry.


Financial aid & payment plans available

  • Application fee: $ 30
  • Tuition: $ 395 per credit
  • Distance fee: $ 124 per semester
  • Textbboks: $ 150 (estimated)
  • Other related expenses: View Bulletin (Estimated Costs for Distance Degree & Guest Students)


  1. The most recognized international faculty in the Adventist world.
  2. Able to complete the degree without leaving your home or your job.
  3. Opportunities for networking with peers from diverse cultures
  4. Dedicated online support staff & advisors that will help you finish your degree in time.


  1. Apply Online
  2. Once you receive an email with your admission approval, activate your Andrews username and set up your Andrews University email address.
  3. Complete the orientation course that will prepare you to study online
  4. Get the texbooks you need for the courses you are taking.
  5. Contact your academic advisor who will help you schedule your study time.