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What is Data Science

The Data Science BS is a new interdisciplinary program offered in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics to train data scientists to provide essential insights for today’s data-driven businesses.

A degree in data science provides students with skills for acquiring, managing, visualizing, mining, and modeling data. Students learn tools and techniques for working with big data and using machine learning for making predictions.

Data scientists provide insight and predictions from data, so data scientists can find work in research labs, startups, corporations, universities, governments, and nonprofits.


For students who want to add some of the skill set of a data scientist without taking the major, the Data Science Minor can be the ticket to a better future.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to collect, clean, anonymize, and manage data from different sources in a convenient system for analysis.
  • Understand issues and solutions for storing, managing, and analyzing large-scale data sets. Apply techniques to understand, visualize, identify, and communicate trends in data.
  • Identify appropriate tools, algorithms, mathematical techniques and models to perform desired analysis; understanding limitations and pitfalls.
  • Know what questions can be asked within an appropriate ethical, legal, and Christian framework.
  • Respect individual rights and privacy when collecting and handling human data. Consider the implications of decisions made using data.

Proposed 4-Year Outline

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Common Career Paths

·      Work as a data scientist, data engineer, or data analyst in a tech company
·      Work as a software developer
·      Analyze and predict trends in areas such as infectious diseases or agriculture for governmental agencies or nonprofit corporations
·      Become a business intelligence (BI) developer for financial companies
·      Work as a data architect, applications architect, or infrastructure architect for big corporations of financial institutions
·      Earn a master’s or doctoral degree in Data Science, Math, or Computer Science before pursuing a career in academia or a large tech company or national laboratory